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I found a Wallet with $268.00 today. I returned the Wallet and the money to the owner did I do good?
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I found a Wallet with $268.00 today. I returned the Wallet and the money to the owner did I do good?

Honesty is my best policy!
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In closure the Man just cashed his paycheck so he needed his money. I didn't want a reward, but he works at the Express Oil Station so he said I can come anytime and get a free Oil Change...Honesty does pay off!


You did more for yourself than the other guy! I'd bet anything that in one way or another it will come back to you ten-fold. Life works that way. I lost my wallet a few weeks ago- and an honest person found it- a few hours later I got a phone call and picked it up. (I had a bank deposit slip in there with my phone number on it). I would do the same thing.

You never know when, where and why but you may cross paths with him again and he'll be there for you! We all really are brothers and sisters in this world and should treat each other accordingly... "we all need somebody to lean on"

if i find loose notes in the street i keep them,but if i have a way of contacting the owner (wallet+info) i will return it.you did this and you did the right thing.good work.


My hat's off to ya, and a big pat on the back.

Don't you just feel great about yourself? YOU SHOULD.

Jayne S
You deserve credit for doing the right thing.

Way to go!

give your self a pad on the back

To me, to say you did "GOOD" implies there were options - You went above and beyond.... - You did things you really didn't have to do....

No, you didn't do any of those things. To me, you did the RIGHT THING. Yes, honesty is the best policy. Good for you for knowing the right from wrong and actually put it into practice.

Unfortunately, many in your position would simply have taken the money - or worse abuse the content of it (such as credit cards).

I'm sure the owner was pleased of your actions. I hope he gave you the rewards you deserve - either in words or in substance. Either way, you will be rewarded by your own knowledge that you are an honest person. Having a self-respect is the greatest respect you can ever recieve.

Yeah - in short, you did GOOD!

Steady Eddy
Yes, you are the man!!


Misti J
Yes, of course you did. Most people wouldn't turn it in.

Most definitely!

yes and may you be rewarded for it


Yes that was the right thing to do so be proud of yourself you are in the few that would so i guess that makes you a minority

I think what you did is the greatest!!! You may never know just how much this will affect the owner of it! Not just the return of his/her money but your honesty! You will be blessed for this!

Pat yourself on the back, you did great! I found a wallet in front of my house one time with 375.00 in it. The guy was the son of our Police Chief at the time. He had just gotten paid and the wallet fell off the dash of his truck as he was going around a curve, somehow he didn't notice (never did figure that one out). Long story short (too late) the little crap weasle never said thank you or kiss my rumpus. I called a few days later to the P.D. to see if he got it and his freaking father never said thanks either. Oh Well! It still pays in the long run to be honest. I would want my wallet returned and so I guess getting a thanks is unimportant. :0) Nana

good for you!!!!



Awesome Bill Crabby Old Goalie
You've done more good for yourself than words can say. Great job!


karma/good luck will be brought to you!

of course you did good. you didnt even need to ask this question.

Good for you, not much honesty in the world today. I applaud you!

Good Job. You get 10 brownie points.

You could get 10 more, by giving me best answer...

Ambassador Z
You did great. That money belongs to the person who originally lost it, and it could have been that person's entire paycheck to get them by till the next paycheck.

I'm happy that there are people like you around!

Thats all great.. and agree but once I found a wallet with 2000 dollars, credit cards, business cards, checkbooks, etc. I called and showed up to give it to her. She grabbed it and slammed the door. No thank you, no nothing. A simple thanks would have been nice and regardless of morality.... I should have kept the money and then returned the wallet.

yes you did, hopefully your honesty was rewarded

yes, did they give you a tip? i would have kicked down at least 50 bucks i think.

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