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I need advice because my neighbors (I think below me) are smoking pot and it comes up into my apartment.?
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I need advice because my neighbors (I think below me) are smoking pot and it comes up into my apartment.?

Short of taping up my vents, I don't know what to do. Should I tell the landlord? The police? I am just affraid of retaliation.


Just inhale & enjoy!

well, i feel for you. But if the smell is coming through your vents it could be coming from just about any apartment in the building. It really wouldnt have to be the one right below you. Those vents are connected together all through the building and run to the main boiler system or furnace. The air is forced through the ductwork, it could be someone two apartments over from you or even someone above you and its being recirculated through the return air vents.

T Time
No, don't report them to anyone. If the smell gets to you, get some kind of room freshener to make your own aprtment smell better. Leave the potheads alone. There are worse types of people to worry about.

Geico Caveman
Smoking is never as private as smokers think it is.

As long as it's going into YOUR airspace, it's your issue.

I wouldn't worry about retaliation, they'll be too mellow to get up off the couch.

ask them to blow it out of another window. explain that u r sensitive to this odor and don't want to cause problems, but keep it to themselves. report it to landlord if they don't comply

Talk to your neighbors first. After all, the're potheads, not coke addicts. If you dont speak to them derogitorily, they will thank you profusely for not telling the land lord or the cops, and most likely will respect your wishes to not have an apartment reeking of weed smoke. If this does not work, THEN tellyour landlord. If they are ghetto types, then this approach may not work(sad to say), and you should go straight to the land owners. If they seem like cool people, then you will be fine in just telling them. Chances are that they dont realize that it is making your place stink.

please don't call the cops....they're probably decent people just living their lives...pot is not really a drug. Just go downstairs and let them know the smell is bothering you - I'm sure they'll be more than happy to smoke near a window or ventilate a little better. If they are mean to you, or disrespectful, then I would complain to the landlord and let them deal with it.

You should smoke pot and blow smoke back at them.

Omni D
If you tell them you are having problems with it, they will find a way to take care of the situation. They don't want to get caught or have the police called.

Enjoy your contact buzz and RELAX!!! If you really feel the need to do something about it, I would start by just talking to your neighbors. They probably don't realize that you know what's going on.

I would call the landlord. If you are in the US, it is a big deal to the landlord because they could lose their building if a tenant is caught with drugs. Tell the landlord the situation, and let them know you don't want reprisals. They can pretend that they smelled it while visiting you or something. If the landlord is a slime (many are) then, your only recourse is to call the police anonymously. The neighbors don't know who called - they might think it was another neighbor. For that matter, it is grounds for eviction. Whatever you do, don't confront the neighbors directly.

When you smell it, then call the police.

dana k
well i think that you should go up to their place and tell them to figure out something else and if that doesn't work go to the landlord and tell him your problem he'll definately do something !!
and if your too afraid of the reaction just tell him first.

so many ppl smoke it these days they may think you dont have a problem with it.
if you do- ask then to 'enjoy' themselves on the other side of the house, or at least outdoors- tell them you have asthma and the smoke bothers your lungs.... im sure if you are nice and polite they will comply- most ppl dont want to bother thier neighbors but if you are kind im sure they will try to aqccomodate you
good luck

As long as you aren't the only one in the building they should have know way to figure out that it was you who called the police (especially if you ask to be anonymous)

Fear of confrontation,retaliation,and ill feelings someone might have towards you is often what prevents people from solving issues.I think that you should weigh all the possible outcomes.What is the worst that could happen?What is the best thing that could happen?You have a right to live a life that is "pot free". If your landlord is approachable and/or good at his/her job then he/she will listen to your complaint like an exceptional landlord would; and take action.First of all smoking weed is illegal,so the police would definitely be a good option .If you ask them to ,they'll keep your name anonymous.I think you should go to your landlord first and explain all of the reasons why your neighbors smoking pot is a disadvantage to you.If he/she takes no action,then I think it would be wise to go to the police.Good luck!any more advice needed?just contact me via email

I was in your shoes when i lived in a apt. i went to the office and made a written complaint about the people smoking pot. Well a week later the Police Narcotic team showed up broke down the door and they got kicked out of the apt. Also tell your land if the pot smoking doesnt stop youll have to move or you wont pay rent because it is a health issue and you are going to report it to the health department.

I strongly encourage u to talk to your neighbors first. If you call the cops--and they figure/find out who called--are you really ready to deal with that? How do you know they won't retaliate in some horrible way?

But if you're assured of your safety, the next best thing is to talk to your landlord.

The cops are my last choice because of the absolute consequences. Your neighbors get busted, and then they may look for you. Of course it's the 'right' thing to do, and many will want to flame me for not putting that action first, but I've got a valid and real concern for your safety even tho we haven't met. Few there are besides me who will care so much, I assure you.

Of course, maybe my first and best response should have been to pray over the situation. But then...

i would contact the landlord first, tell he/she that it bothers you but you dont want to them to start trouble with you so ask for them to mention your name when they are confronted about it.....if that dont work then contact your local law enforcement.

Don't report them. Speak to them that you can smell it and it bothers you. Be sure to let them know you don't want to see them get in any trouble but several others have noticed it to, they may want to chill.

Why don't you talk to them? If it bothers you that much, then speak with the Humans who live below you, considering you're human, right? Just checking, because my girlfriend and I smoke sometimes, and we'd hate to have the four girls upstairs call the cops on us while we are having a bottle of wine, a joint, and to be honest, probably more fun of a time than you seem to have. Ask them nicely to use blow tubes (a dryer sheet over toilet paper roll), open a window, toss a towel in front of the door, or something to that extent. Please, take a deep breath, and chill out. The last I want to hear when I'm stoned is some crazy, over worked, woman screaming at me over the pot I occasionally smoke.

Jack P
When you smell it call the cops, they can figure out who it is.

Mark A
Call the cops. The idiots below you don't need to know where the complaint came from.

politely write them a letter

Quit being such a prude. So they are smoking a little weed. Put an incense on or something. Don't call the police or give them a hard time for doing something in the privacy of their own home.
You could make them aware that you dont' like the smell of it in your house. Then maybe they would do it in their bathroom or something. Just don't do something as mean as calling the police or the landlord.

well ..do nothing if your afraid..or you could get high with them.. or move..

call the cops and tell them you want this to be anonymous

By all means, inform your landlord & ask what he intends to do to eliminate the problem. If he doesn't deal with the problem within a reasonable period of time, confront him again, & tell him you will put his rent money in escrow until the problem is taken care of. I know what you mean about retaliation & you have a right to be, even though they are invading your space by forcing you to smell pot all the time. Do not approach these pot smoking neighbors, let your landlord handle it.

I would say mind your own business, however if the smoke is getting into your apartment that is unaceptable. I dont think calling the cops will help or telling the landlord, first of all the landlord cant enter without giving them a 24 Hour notice, by then they will dispose of pipes and baggies of marijuana. The cops will need a search warrant and they only get these from judges after long investigations and only when someone is deemed to be a drug dealer.

My advice would be to nicely confront them and let them know the smoke is bothering you.

stephen w
Whatever you do don't tell the police, it's more trouble than it's worth and it really is no big deal that they are smoking weed. I doubt that they would stop if you asked them, even if you were on good terms with them. I would say to the landlord if you trust him/her, the landlord would probably frown upon anyone smoking in the apartments. Other than that try to not get worked up about it.

On the other hand, you could try to start a dirty tricks campaign against them, placing fake orders for food, knocking their door and running away, starting malicious rumors etc.

Tell the Landlord right away you shouldnt have to put that and Iam sure the landlord wouldnt say who told it could be the neighbors next door or across

I have the same problem right now... I'm calling the cops and got numerous reports on him, but they gave him warnings not a search warrant to claim he had any on him besides that he ingested some and reaked of it. My apt complex cant do anything till he is either arrested or caught with any pot on him, but just smelling it and him admitting he smokes is not good enough and the cops won't go any further than that.... So my neighbor is getting away with it and the cop just suggested to me that there isn't much that the law can do but to have the non smoker be the one to move because being caught with pot is not that big of deal to them and my complex doesn't want to do squat about it either.... It is so messed up that I'm up sick from the smell all night and can't sleep and I have to wait till my lease is up to move and my neighbor gets to still be a illegal pot head. FML

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