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I recieved legal documents but my name is spelled wrong. What are my options? Can I use this to my advantage?
Find answers to your legal question.

I recieved legal documents but my name is spelled wrong. What are my options? Can I use this to my advantage?


A misspelling in name is regarding as an error that has no legal effect as long as the correct person is identifiable.


The First Dragon
I had a friend who participated in an illegal activity and they came to his house to serve papers; but the name was wrong. So he said, "He doesn't live here."
Maybe that was all right.
But in general, if the govt gets your name wrong, and then find out your correct name, they will add the wrong name as AKA.
I got so mad, they got my name wrong. It's Joan but they read my DL wrong and put "Jean." I hate Jean. But after that I was stuck with "Joan AKA Jean." Fooey.

Max Hoopla
You do it at your own peril. You should consult a real attorney.

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