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I stole from walmart, got caught, what happens?
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I stole from walmart, got caught, what happens?

so yeah i was dumb. stole from walmart, and got caught, i only took an item worth 10 dollars. and they took me to the back room and just put my description in the computer, no cops were involved since it was my first offense. and im 18 so they just said in 4 weeks ill get a letter in the mail saying ill pay a fine for up to 200 dollars. and let me go. were they just scaring me? or is a letter really coming? and also does it really take 4 weeks? and they didnt say anything about court, just paying a fine.
Additional Details
yes i was already out of the store with my friends when the guard came running out and told me to come back inside. but they didnt take my picture. but they said i will have to pay the 10 dollars plus the 200 fine when it comes in the mail. i dont know if they are just trying to scare/warn me or if its really coming.


Did you get anything?

Benjamin W
Without a police charge they can't just collect 200 from you. Hell, they can't even get the 10 from you. Walmart isn't the law.

To get any money they would have to sue you. It's not worth doing so, so they won't. Furthermore, since no police were involved, they can't just ask some judge to issue a ticket. A cop has to do that.

I wouldn't worry at all.

Don't steal. Unless you can get away with it. Next time, don't go back in.

City of Placebo
Sounds like ole walmart put a fast one on you.

John D
If I were you i wouldn't be surprised if you got that letter. I know that if you get caught shoplifting you get a big fine and it gos on your record. But on the other hand walmart is a huge corporation and what you attempted to steal was very little. They might not even bother prosecuting you because it would just end up costing them time and money so the whole process could have been to scare you. So if your lucky nothing will happen, but they will still have you on record so don't steal from a walmart again. And by the way, you should of stuffed whatever it was in your crotch, they usually don't have the guts to stop you if they see a bulge in that area.

i used to work for walmart they dont make it a legal issue unless its a higher amount usually 25 - 100 dollars depending on your store, at mine we didnt involve physical security unless it was more then 25 dollars.
if they were talking about a letter its probably a corporation letter asking you to confine to some bs store rule, i would talk to a lawyer or dont respond

don't pay it...if no cops were involved they can't charge you with crap. theres no evidence of the crime. also ive heard walmart doesnt prosecute for items less than 25 dollars. seriously, just ignore it.

CANADA This happened to my daughter when she was 17. the police were involved but the store (Not walmart) didn't press criminal charges.
I received a letter from the store's lawyer a couple of weeks later saying they wanted me to give them a couple of hundred dollars (for security and theft,) My stand was they pay the security to do their job- whether or not they catch somone, and nothing was stolen b/c they recovered everything when they caught her. The letter stated they could take me to court and get four times the amount in a judgment ruling in their favor... but they'd have to win that by proving that I should have been in control of my child (bearing in mind she is 17!).
I tossed the letter in the garbage, and never heard from them again.
The police did inform me that she was not welcome in that store for a year, and she stayed away- from embarrassment.
I wouldn't give the fu@kers a dime... walmart is shameful... I wouldn't even steal from them!

Donna D
I am thinking that you should just take it as a warning. DON"T DO IT AGAIN!!
Were you already out if the store when they caught you?
But than again it is up to the store as to wheather or not they want to press charges against you.
If they were going to arrest you the police would have been called. They have to call the police,
I am hoping for your sake that you have learned your lesson.

Bleh i stole from wal-mart once. It wasn't so bad for me either. They let me go on a $50 fine and it was all good. Im guessing you'll have to pay the fine but it probably wont get legal or anything and i stole under $20 worth of stuff so i doubt you'll have to pay more than $50

lol that is funny, it shouldnt be tho, stealing is wrong but, gosh this day in time? Walmart and other places are going to be seeing SO much more theft, people can't afford things,.. not saying it was right.. but yeah u will have to pay a fine, they arent going to bother spending the time and money to take u to court over TEN DOLLARS! lol.. just dont do it again ok?? You should be able to make a payment plan on the fine as well..

it would take all night for me to tell you how many people I've known who've got caught stealing from walmart, a friend of mine stole a bra, she was under 18,her parents had to pick her up, but like the first person said, if its under 25 dollars they arent going to mess with me, so many people get caught stealing they cant press charges on everyone.. they could but THEY WONT

help me a family member of mine stole 100 dallors worth what should me do

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