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I was injured working at walmart. what should i do legally?
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I was injured working at walmart. what should i do legally?

i was injured at walmart unloading a truck when a heavy filing cabinet fell and hit me in the head and knocked me unconscience. I did not receive any compensation for the time i was off work and walmart canceld my medical treatment . I suffer from short-term memory loss and i have severe migraine headaches and poor speech. I am not the same since my accident. I have a work comp lawyer but what else can i do. walmart fired me becasue im unable to unolad trucks and im not well. some one please tell me


Welcome to the "I got injured at wal-mart and all i got was this lousy pink slip" club!
I also was injured unloading truck. Was taken off work for several days and saw 2 different drs. Walmart didnt pay a dime.You could spend thousands of dollars fighting a big mega corp like walmart. But do you really want to spend years of your life messing with them??
Contact walmart work comp department and explain to them whats going on. Tell them you are sending the bills to them that need to be paid. (wait for them to laugh) Then SEND THE BILLS. Explain that you were on the job on ___date and ___happened. These are the bills that were incurred. See what happens. Make sure your have all your documentation in order and make copies of EVERYTHING you send to them!
IN the meantime keep working with your attorney. He/She is the best one to tell you what your options are.

I think you should be asking this of your attourney rather than a random bunch of yahoos on YA.
Your story sounds fake, btw.

Kyle P
If it was your fault then drop the suit. If you did not test positive for any drugs or alcohol right after the accident you shouldn't have any problems getting compensated. Just watch out for your own lawyer beating you out of too much of it.

If you had medical insurance and/or workmans comp at the time of the accident, you can still file claims against that policy for that injury and all follow up care. As for the store letting you go, you were unable to perform your job, nothing you can do. And no, sueing them is worthless.

did you file an accident report first

they didnt pay your dr bills...funny i think you are lying..i work for walmart..and have seen more than one person take them for a ride with the medical bs...if your dr released you back to work..if being the word..you should have went.if you have a workers comp lawyer you shouldnt do anything else..you already took it to a lawyer that specializes in this type of case..

kellieanne h
Keep all your docotor records and bring them to your local Social Security office. They may help you with getting some monies. The lawyer is your best defense right now. You need a diff lawyer for being fired tho.. not a workers comp one.

workmans comp should have been paying you for injuries and lost time at work. I was injured on job, had to have surgery, and got paid over 1/2 salery ( been a while, not sure how much over 1/2) Sue them and have gov't launch investigation into illegal practices.

tha last don
take them to court....

walmart is known for not giving their employees their benefits, and other worker abuse. as for the getting fired part i think you need a diffrent lawyer.

once u recover i reccomend that u dont go back to work to walmart and go work for target or kmart

Well, if a doctor has specifically stated that you can't work, they can't fire you. That is illegal - especially if you were injured from work. Your lawyer should be able to tell you that.

Wal Mart has disability insurance that you should qualify for. They need to pay you as long as you are out due to the injury you suffered or give you work in another area of the store that falls within your restrictions that a doctor has set for you, and it has to be as close to being within the normal hours that you work. Again, your lawyer should be taking care of this for you.

If they fired you, call unemployment and collect. When they find out why you were "fired", they may have something to say to Wal Mart about that. And I have a feeling that the person that did fire you was acting without benefit of human resource consultation before hand.

all the answers above are good. Just wanted to let you know that it may take several years to get this over and done. Hang in there, you deserve compensation. Keep copies and record every thing that pertains to your case. I know 3 different people who went to court with them and it took anywhere from 16 months to 3 and a half years for them. The outcome was favorable for all 3.

You need to hire your own personal attorney (and that person can also handle your worker's compensation). Look for someone who specializes in personal injury suits. You can find them in the yellow pages. Also, take your medical records with you to your consultation with him/her.

Joe M
Sue the living sh** out of that evil-azz institution.

They are guilty of repeated cases of screwing over their employees.

Good luck - but I wouldn't get my hopes up - they've got entire teams of lawyers just for cases like this.

I hope you and your lawyer are ready for a real fight.

You have to wait until your workers comp case is over before you inherit any $$$ from the accident. Meanwhile, ask your doctor where you can work - if at all. . . Sorry about the unfortunate accident and if it's permanent damage - make sure to not settle for pennies. . .

David R
looks like u have a law suit. i worked for wal-mart on the ICS team. you should of had them call 911 when it happened. that way there was a record of it happining. manegment should of done a report too. i would take them to court if i was u. make a big thing out of it. go to the local news with it. the press would love somthin like that.

Yup, same thing happened to my wife. Walmart is one of the biggest companies in the world. They'd rather pay a few million for the best lawyers than millions and millions for all the compensation they would have to pay for all the injuries that have been incurred by their employees. If you were going to do something legally you would have to have deep pockets, and the best lawyer around.

You need to get another lawyer and sue the crap out of them.......
Good luck

Workers comp cases take a long time. Hang in there don't forget to call your attorney at least once every two weeks. You know the saying "out of site out of mind" well don't let that delay your case.

Take this court and get your money for all the damage they've caused you. Money isn't everything but, at least you will be able to take sometime off and do physical therapy and speech therapy to get better. Wish you luck!

injury while on the job can walmart legally give me a d day for being injured on the job? i messed my shoulder up when bagging groceries and 2 weeks after this happened they gave me a d day and for that reason

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