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If Child support is owed after the Child turns 18?
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If Child support is owed after the Child turns 18?

can the Child support owed be paid directly to the Child and not to the other parent? If not, do you think it should?


No unless the court rules back pay. As an adult at 18 you would think it would go directly to the child or in trust till 21. The other parent shouldn't get it unless they are totally trust worthy or using it the pay for the child's schooling.

no, child support is due to the parent for expenses incurred for raising the child.

Emily B
it cannot and should not be paid to the child...it is not meant for that. It is meant to reimburse the custodial parent for expenses created by raising the child.

Do not listen to those who say no.

Yes, it is due and payable. It is a debt. You owe it to the parent that raised the child. That support was intended to raise the child.

It is due to the custodial parent, not the child.

In my state, you can go after the deadbeat parent for back child support for 10 years after the child is no longer entitled to support. Example: support ends on child's 18th birthday you can go after back support until the child's 28th birthday.


Truckin' for a Livin'
It should be paid to the parent that was suppose to get it in the first place

In the state I live in a child can sue the parent for back child support once the child turns 18. The support payments will still be sent to the custodial parent though since they are the ones who had to pay all the support for the child while the non custodial parent wasn't paying.


Sounds good but no it is owed to the partent

Tiffany D
u owe the mother- or guardian that has been takin care of the child when they were raisning them until 18....but u owe them back even if the child is over 18. they child will not recieve it.

If you are talking about child support payments that are behind, the payments must go to the custodial parent even though the child is now 18.

The debt was incurred for expenses in raising the child before the child was 18 so the money would go to the custodial parent. Whether the custodial parent would want to give the money to the child is a matter between the parent and child.

NO -- that back-owed child support for all those years need to go to the custodial parent (for the reasons of the FACT that they incurred all the expenses of being the RESPONSIBLE ONE all these years -- caring for the child, medical/health/dental care, hospitalizations, took them to their activities (Scouts, After-School Programs, Athletics, Caregiving programs, etc), and this is ONLY FAIR ....

After that -- the Custodial Parent can then decide whether to give some of that money out to the child (now adult) if they want to ....

no because if the child is 18 then he/she can support theirselves but if that person owed from years back then the parent can get back child support pay.

My father still "owes" 40 grand in back child support and has to pay it monthly even now and his youngest child is 27! She tried to have it stopped several times over the past ten years but the county we live in will not stop it. So, my mother apon receipt of the child support sends it back to my dad.

Child support is due to the custodial parent so if the non-custodial parent still owes after the child is 18 (21 if in collge) it goes to the custodial parent.

Miss Crickett
This money is owed to the parent that had to raise the child with only one income.

I think its paid directly to the other parent. im not sure, sorry

under law; yes, but only to the parent and untill it is colpeltely paid with interest

Buk (Fey)
not after 18 unless there is a child with a disability and then they custodial parent can go back to court and ask for help supporting the child longer, as it should be.

William Stocks
no, it goes to the other parent

texas nanna
has to go to the parent if child is 18 i only no of back payments due to be payed.

child support after 18 should go to the parent

Jenna G
As far as I know, child support is no longer owed after a child turns 18 unless the parents have some type of agreement in place. Support is always paid to the other parent whether paid directly or through a government department. Child support laws differ depending on where you live.

I think payments should be made to the parent and not the child since the parent incurs all of the expenses of raising a child.

Once the child turns 18 unless the child attends college no child support has to be paid. At least in the state of Mo. I know, I'm paying child support.

No, it goes to the custodial parent. Anything paid past age 18 is arrearages only anyways and would have been paid to the parent if paid on time.

it goes to the parent

I'm 19 and my parents just got divorced. They agreed that my dad has to pay for my college and pay child support to my mom when I'm at home(i.e. summer vacation and winter break). I think that if the child is living with the other parent, then the child support should go to the parent. If not, the child support should go to the kid.

Legally, if you are in the rears when your child turns 18 you still owe that money to the other parent, not the child. In a sence you are paying back the person that had to foot your end of the bill while you child grew up in their care.

Do I think that it fair ? Yes- to a point!

Blunt Honesty
The child support is to help the parent to raise the child, not for the child to spend as they see fit. If back payments are owed, it should go to the parent to reimburse them for the extra money they have already spent to raise the child.

The 18 year old wants money? Tell them to get a job.

all depends on the arrangement made in the courts, the child support goes to the other parent because it is meant to raise the child. there are variations my friends parents had an agreement that her father had to pay child support and pay for the school until the child graduated from college so its what works for each individual family

In most states the child support goes to the child's guardian until the child is 18 or 21 if still in school......

Really?? I am That parent that is owed back child support. That back pay is owed to me, not my child, Child support means help supporting, clothing, feeding, housing, schooling, Etc. I did this my self 2 jobs to provide for 3 boys. they never went hungry,homeless, and they had everything they needed thanks to me. dad quit his job with cta not to pay child support. why would any man/woman do that this is our children , not just mine, or yours ours.


I agree with the child....I am a custodial parent and when my child turned 18 I gave her the money her dad was paying regardless as to how much I already given her on my own...it is both our daughter, and I will help her out as much as I can, she needs it for a stepping stone,...for her first car, or college. It teaches her to manage her own money...and if she needs more help,. I come through on the other end. Shame on the mother's who keep it for themselves!...I am sorry but I didn't spend near the amount my ex was giving me on a weekly basis for my daughter.

Let's be serious...no child support is due to a child regardless of how old they are...Children can not support themselves. The parent/gardian who takes care of the child should recieve the money. Even if it's a million..if they choose to share it with the child then all well and good but it's not an obligation. This parent may have had assistance(unlike myself) but there were still expenses that the expenses didn't cover...I went without new clothes to ensure my children got clothes...I did without many things and pleasures that I'm sure the father enjoyed because I had to provide for my children...he started paying for three years 58 dollars for two children under eight. He rearly paid but bought new houses, cars...ect...my sons are now 21 and 25 and he is still 12,000 in arrears.

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