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If a 16 yr old girl has a baby by a 16 year old guy and keeps it, who pays child support?
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If a 16 yr old girl has a baby by a 16 year old guy and keeps it, who pays child support?

If the 16 yr old girl lives with her mother only because her parents are divorced, and her father is paying lots of child support, what happens when she gets pregnant and has a child by another underage teen?? Then who pays child support for the infant? The teen father is underage so it wouldn't be him. Would it be nobody? The teen boy's parents? The teen girl's father? Who?
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The state is California.


idk but ill tell you one thing, that little boy sure as hell would be payin child support. its called a WORKING PERMIT.

legally, no matter the age-the father of the baby.

the person who pays the child support is the one who doesn't keep the child good luck with the child and try your hardest to stay in school it will pay off much more than dropping out.

Probably the poor old taxpayer----again!!!

Empress Jan
first of all - the new teen father is still responsible for the newborn - that's his child.

second - the infant's grandfather, seeing that his daughter became irresponsible and got pregnant, should file papers in court in order to emancipate her as an adult. The grandfather is NOT responsible for the infant in a court of law.

Luv2no is in the house
The guy pays child support regardless of where your living. That's the law. There is no way for him to get out of it.

The guy always pays period. If they have to squeeze it out of his parents, so be it.

Grammy(back on)
I think the boy's parents should help support the child until you both get an education and your lives on track. Good luck and God bless, I bet the child is well loved. Don't ever, ever use the baby as a pawn. Let the child get to know the father and the other grand parents wether or not they pay support and be prepared to love the child with all your being.

The court can order the guy's parents to pay child support and I think they can order the guy to get a job and pay up even. Just because someone is underage doesn't mean they can't earn money and be held responsible.

The answer is simple,whoever has the best lawyer wins.A court may order support,but enforcing is very different.
The situation here is just plain selfish on the part of everyone.

Johnny Ballgame
The American people do when these worthless people go on welfare.

The baby's father pays support. Is that why she got pregnant? She needs to get a job as well.

The non custodial parent. He will pay if he has a job if not then nothing. the teen girl and get a judegment agaisnt him and then he has to work but the job he gets won't be that big so the child support will small

Danny boy
I think both should help pay for it

SHAR") [dream big]
I would say the father should pay child support. I am pretty sure you didn't want to get pregant. He decided he wanted a child so now he should pay for his actions!

The girl would have to pay it...

no question the Father of the baby should be paying its the law

The Father obviously...

Angela H
see your local court child support guidelines for your state or country ,,,,The teen boys both of his parents will be responsible to pay till he is 18 then he will be required to pay if the girl keeps the child but if the boy keeps the child the girls parents will be ordered to pay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just keep in mind both teens may be required to get a work permit to support the child if the teens parents on both sides suggest it to the courts and do not have sufficient income or a disability themselves that will prevent the order of such support it really depends on the whole situation and then the amount of support will be determined by total income from both

Father must pay but you have to prove that he and only he is the father.Otherwise mother is the natural legal guardian of the child. For maintenance legitimacy of the child is no bar.

jose c
Your Baby's Father!! No matter how old he is, he is responsible along with you to support the baby. Your parents can support you in living wise but not in baby diapers, toys, hospital bills, doctors' bill that's all on you and the baby's father (your boyfriend). You have to start working and so those your boyfriend. Good Luck and Congratulations!!

Kelsey N
they both will have to pay child support becasue its their kid.

the mother and father

I don't see any reason why the guy shouldnt pay child support, but i live in texas. The only reason that i can think of for him to not have to pay child support would be either because he has custody or you two are living together. Here, all you have to do is fill out a paper to have his wages garnished, and then you go to court. If he is refusing or anything, it would be wise to get a lawyer.

i know for sure that if you get preagnant before 18 your automatically considered an adult!! so it wouldnt be none of the 16 year olds parents...im guessing the 16 year old dad!!

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