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If a father decides he doesn't want the baby before it is born should he be forced to pay.?
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If a father decides he doesn't want the baby before it is born should he be forced to pay.?

Since it is legally ok for a woman to kill her baby if she doesn't want it, why should a father be forced to pay child support on a child he doesn't want.
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First, i love my daughter, i just want to know what all these abortion rights advocates think when asked this question. its the same as abortion. one party not taking responsibility for there actions


No the father should not be forced to pay child support if he is unwilling to have the child. What people miss is that under the current system the mother has all the power to decide. The only time the father has any responsibility is if the mother wants money. If she wants to get an abortion nobody cares what the father has to say. I thought it took 2 people to create life. I guess it only takes one to end it. Huh

Of course it is a ridiculous question. That is the point he was trying to make. Neither parent should have a choice! When you lay together and make a baby , you both should have to live with the consequences. If the woman doesn't want the baby, then there is always adoption. Oh, don't think the woman should have to go through nine months of pain...oh poor her. Grow up. You don't make a baby, decide you don't want it and then kill it. Oh you are pro choice...well when the baby is given a choice ...get back to me!!!!

Oh, it isn't murder you say...well do nothing...let's see if it is a life or not. If it isn't a life then there isn't anything there to kill right.

Seems like everyone just makes up their version to make it fit their situation. If we all ever get smart enough to have a society with some morals, integrity, and a sense of responsibility then maybe this world would be a better place.

Sadly I know it won't happen. What this person is trying to say is you can't have it both ways! Why does she get a choice and he doesn't? Well, we are all smart enough to know that he shouldn't have a choice. When are we going to all get smart enough to realize that she shouldn't either!

If you didnt want the baby you should have bought a 2 dollar box of condoms, so yes you should have to pay for it, you made it you feed it, if not my taxes will have to support it...

Oh YEA. Shouldn't be messing around unprotected (or period) if you aren't ready to handle the responsiblities of a child. Same for the girls.

Robert K
Definitely! You made your choice when you had the fun...the decision to keep the baby or not is strictly hers and hers alone. This could be a blessing in disguise and a gift from the almighty. My girlfriend got pregnant while supposedly on the pill....now my son is the most precious thing in my life!

doggy mom
He should relinquish all rights and claims to the child - like putting it up for adoption. This needs to be done while the mother can still terminate the pregnancy. Then he should be able to not pay child support.What a cad. He should have thought of that before he got her pregnant.

I think he should not have to pay. Believe me, coming from a woman, I do know that woman trap men. What if she was on the pill(but oops forgot to take it) or poked holes in the condom, she did it deliberately, without his knowledge. I think that the man should have some say so as to what happens to the baby after a woman is pregnant

Slick Alien
That is a good question, unfortunately it doesn't work that way. If you fathered a child, unless you sign away your legal parental rights AFTER the baby is born, then you must pay support.

I agree. Man should have that right if woman has hers. but woman should not have that right and niether should man.

Any man that does not pay should be hanged! The child never asked to be brought into this world... but once it is here it must eat!

Too bad you didn't use a condom! Should have masturated instead!

Mama Pastafarian
The father's body is never pregnant, therefore he does not have a say in whether or not the woman carries the child to term. His time for choice was before he impregnated her.

Once the baby is born, he must help support the child that he helped to create. He doesn't have to see the child, but he does need to support that child until he gives up his parental rights. And the only way he can sign them away is if the child is adopted, either by a new mother and father, or by the mother marrying a man who is willing to adopt the child.

unfortunately for guys...that part isn't up to you. You can sign off on your parental rights though...and then you aren't responsible financially either...I believe.

Yes he should but the mother should not be allowed to KILL the baby.

1 + 1 = 11
yes. bcuz he is the reason that baby came into the world. and therfore he should at least pay for it. plus its your child you would want to support it and give it a good life.

No, and if you don't like it you should've thought about before you did it.

Because the time to decide that he didnt want the baby was BEFORE he got the girl pregnant.
Be a man.

Pictish Lass
Yes. It's the mother's decision- if the father's having a baby, he can kill that one.

Jack Kerouac
your joking right? of COURSE you should pay for your RESPONSIBILITY. but then again i hope with your attitude you never have kids.

If you helped to make that baby you should have to pay for that baby. It doesn't matter if you want it or not. There were plenty of precautions you could have taken so that the girl wouldn't get pregnant. You sure didn't mind making it. Its that ages old saying "you play,you pay!"!! Its time to for you be a man so quit crying and do the right thing.

how old are u man?

What are when the mother wants it but the father doesn't cause its an inconvenience but yet he is out there screwing other girls

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