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If someone saved your life, what should you give them in return? How can you repay them?
Find answers to your legal question.

If someone saved your life, what should you give them in return? How can you repay them?

The least you can do is give them money, right?
how much money?
what percent of your life savings are they entitled to?


Healthy Environment
Give them your gratitude. No amount of material possessions can matter in a time like this.
Unless you have a million dollars to spare.
But if it's not significant enough to change that person's life, don't worry about it.

Thank them, if the person is respectable, they will not take your money-they'll just walk away with the pride of helping someone. If the person is attractive/interesting offer them a dinner date.

Absolutely not. I don't think I would expect money if I saved someone's life. When I help people and they ask what they can give me.. I tell them to pass along the help to other people.

my gratitude, and if i find myself in a position to do likewise not to shirk my debt.

why would money come into it? i'm not a mercenary!

I wouldnt give any money...i would offer my friendship, and would do the same thing if anybody else ever needed it.

Mmmm...i dont think money is appropriate...if i saved someones life and they paid me i'd feel kinda insulted...like they were buying my kindness. Maybe u could write them a letter or poem or something, expressing how u feel or...u could have something named after them or something. Just something really deep and expressive of your feelings...money is too impersonal.

Emma ♥ Danny.
i wouldn't give them any money whatsoever.
money isnt everything.
just a simple "you saved my life, thank you so much"
Emma (:

I won't insult the person who save me with money. Beside I am cheap.

How much are they entitled to? Nothing. No one saves another person's life with the expectations of getting anything back in return.

If you want to give them money, you can set whatever price you want that you think your life is worth. If you think it is worth your entire life savings, then give that person your entire life savings. If you think your life is only worth $10, give that person $10.

Happy guy
i wont give money
il jus say thank you,well u did a great job.keep doing*_*

Is your life worth money? Not really.

The person deserves your gratitude. If they need help themselves, (such as financial help), then feel free to offer it. But offering cash for saving you makes your life seem very petty, i think.

dsda D
Give them your gratitude. No amount of material possessions can matter in a time like this.
Unless you have a million dollars to spare.
But if it's not significant enough to change that person's life, don't worry about it.

If they saved your life I would think they are the kind of person who would expect no reward except that they did someting great.

♪ ♫Barnacle Bill the Sailor♫.
You owe that person your life....Watch for opportunities to lay down your life for Him.

I know if I saved someones life, I wouldn't except anything in return, but if I did, probably money.

Give them your house and let them sleep with your wife. That should make you even.

I would push them into a dangerous situation, and try to save them. ☺

In my case (Accident occurred) I treated him as a friend as he was unknown before the accident and and my life savings is my blood and I donated the max.,(this is the wish I wanted to do and he has accepted the noble cause) to the hospital (where I was treated) can take from me and whenever I go to USA I made it a point to visit the hospital and request them to take the blood as much as possible and this will be done throughout my life whenever I visit USA.

Hope the readers could donate blood which is free being born as human being and wherever you are born.
It is easy to steal money but very very difficult to steal the blood.

Thanks and best wishes,

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