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If someone steals your gun from your home and commits a crime can you go to jail for that crime?
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If someone steals your gun from your home and commits a crime can you go to jail for that crime?


Yeah you sure can. Listen, if the cops and the DA truly believe that you did it, whether you did or not, they can make a case saying that. Not only that but a lot of people go shoot someone and then get rid of the gun and claim it was stolen. If you have a gun that turns up missing, you need to immediately report it to the cops, BEFORE someone uses it to commit a crime, and even then if it turns out that it was used in the commission of a crime down the road somewhere, you can bet your lucky stars they'll have a black and white or two in your driveway before you can bat an eye.
Trust me on this, I've been in the 'system', I know how it works, and I know plenty of other people who were there too. Never assume that because you didn't do it, or because there is no evidence, that they cannot lock you up for it anyway!!!

not if you reported it stolen

depends on what state you live in, guns rules vary from state to state, in ct you can be held responsible if you don't report the weapon stolen.

the kid
yeah unless you report it

Legend L
Nice try. We all know you are really guilty.

No, however it is always good to report a missing weapon, then there is no question.

In Texas you would probably be put to death though! :o)

No, not for the crime but you can if the gun was illegal for you to own.

no..if someone steals your car & hits someone with it are you responsible for that? no.

It depend I don't think so.

Julia D
That actually happened to me in 1985. Someone stole my .380. We had a record though, of all the serial numbers, makes and models of our weapons and everything else valuable in the house. This came in very handy when the gun was stolen and we had to make a police report.

We weren't liable for any crimes committed with that gun AFTER we reported it stolen. Which we did, the same day it was stolen, in fact. Never did see that gun again.

Benjamin Gladstone
Not for "that crime." Like someone mentioned - criminal laws vary from state to state, but there is not a state in the union that will charge you for a crime committed with your stolen gun.

depends on if your fingerprints are on it. LOL

Amos S
sounds like the story the drunk tells when the law finds his smashed up car the next day"Dang,it wasn't me,someone must have stolen my car last night.I was home alone all night,I swear!)
If a gun was used in a crime and traced back to you and the law is "interested"in you,more than likely you have come up on their radar before.Change your ways before some "Bubba" makes you his bit%&.

If the cops know it was yours and can trace it to you, you might be implicated or questioned. Just make sure you report it stolen when you notice that it's missing to cover your butt.

Only if the gun is unregistered and then you can only be charges with having an unregistered weapon. Don't you watch "Law and Order"?

Consul of Rome

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