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If you accidentally damage something at work, can your employer make you pay for it?
Find answers to your legal question.

If you accidentally damage something at work, can your employer make you pay for it?

The item in question was a client's laptop we were working on, which i accidentally knocked of a counter and shattered the screen


(..._.) (.....)


It's the duty of the employer to put in incentives, and implement risk management / insurance / whatever to account for these losses. It's illegal to take something broken in the course of employment out of someone's pay.

If they take it out of your pay, take them to court. If they fire you, take them to court again.

You are working for an unscrupulous employer. I'd fight this tooth and nail. Unacceptable business practice in ANY industry

Hmm, well, he can, technically, and also, if it was your own doing, accidental or not, you should at least take the responsibility of paying for something you have broken, plus, even if he or she couldnt make you pay for it, how good do you think that would look on your resume, or how much longer you oculd have a job, hmm?

Yes. If you're an adult you take responsibility for your accidents.

Alex H
uh, yes they can. smooth move Xlax.

Kenneth S
If you did it by accident then you should take responsibility for your action and reimburse for any damages that were caused by you. I wouldn't think they could force you without going to court but out of principle if you break something you should do your best to replace it.

yes. you should have been more careful.

they can't legally in ontarioi...however every jurisdiction has different rules

sad to say it.. but.. YES... because it was your FAULT for not being careful.. :P

Well Duh!
yes they can

No, but he can fire you.

mrs. holden caulfield ♥♥
If you were the person to break it, then yes.

Bitter Half
No, legally he cannot make you pay for it.

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