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If you get your neighbor's mail by mistake do you..... take it to their house, drop it in a mail box or throw
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If you get your neighbor's mail by mistake do you..... take it to their house, drop it in a mail box or throw


If it looked interesting i'd open it.

Just being honest !

I take it to their house and hope they will do the same for me if they receive any of my mail.

take it to their house

Just post it through their letter box....

Mary Jo W
i walk over and give it to them

Take it round their house of course, you'd expect the same in return wouldn't you?

If I know the neighbor, I just give it to them. If it's someone I don't know, I write "delivered to wrong address" on the envelope and put it in outgoing mail.

norma d
Take it to them.

just take it over to them. as they do if they get mine.( i love!! your picture.)

Two options here:
I call the neighbor and let them know what happened and ask them if they'd like for me to deliver it to them. I then hand the mail DIRECTLY to them, if they request delivery. Otherwise,
I leave it in my mailbox & have the mail carrier correct the problem.

bertram baines
take it round!!

George S
I drop it in a mail box. If you get some often, I'd contact the post office and report it.

apart from throwing the mail away, which is illegal, I'd would do either of the others depending on who's mail it was

I am not lazy !!! so i would walk over and hand it to them if they are not home put in their mailbox with sticky note!!! ( mailman/woman delivered to wrong house (: (just in case they pull up and see u looking inside thier mailbox ( : )

Hand deliver it to them or leave it for the post man to take it with him and redeliver.

joan k
Depends which neighbour it is. I would usually give it to them, or put it back in the post box.

The best, although officially illegal, solution is to put it in their mailbox yourself.

The officially correct solution is to hand it back to the mail carrier the next day.

Drop it in their mailbox, give it to them or return to sender. Anything else is criminal.

Take it to my neighbours, of course. It is an offence to destroy mail if it doesn't belong to you.

if it is junk ... throw it out if it is anything else walk it over there tell them of hte mistake.

i put in in their letter box

If it's a speeding fine or summons, I drop it through their door when I know they are in, then linger and listen for the reaction. Anything else... give it back to the idiot postie who misdelivered it, when he's having a bad day!

if u don't like ur neighbor, then drop it back in the mailbox with wrong address written on it. if u like them then hand deliver it. if it keeps happening then notify the post office.

funky munky is back
It's only their giro, I'll throw it in the bin.
Alright I'm only kidding, i'll post it in their door.

I would take it to their house

Just put it through their letter box, or if you are a bit concerned that they may think you've been nosing at their mail, shove it back in the post, it will just go to the sorting office again.

I put it back in my own mailbox with the flag up, having marked through the address if need be.

If I know them well, I take it to them. If not, I take it back to the P.O.

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