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If you have a warrant out for your arrest but you need to go to the hospital, will they take you to jail?
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If you have a warrant out for your arrest but you need to go to the hospital, will they take you to jail?

A friend of mine has this terrible rash all over her body and needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible but the thing is, she has a warrant out for her arrest and is afraid to go to the hospital because they might take her to jail rather than make her better. Can the people at the hospital find out if you have a warrant? I need answers soon please and thank you!


The only way that the police will find out if she is their is if one of them at the hospital recognize her. With her having a rash I highly doubt that they would even look in her direction.

I have known individuals who went to a municipal court that is in the same courthouse as the county and they had a warrant from the county and didn't get arrested.

I would take her to the hospital so she can get immediate attention as this could become worse

tonya p
She will absolutely NOT go to jail if the situation is as you stated. The only way she could get arrested is if an actual police officer was to check her status. Hospitals do not do this. Hospitals do not even do this if they suspect some sort of abuse or foul play in an incident. The hospital CAN notify the local police if they suspect something wrong, then the police can run a person's information. As long as your friend isn't taken to the hospital due to an injruy that will flag the police, she will be just fine.

the people in the hospital will not check for warrants,but if the police know about her warrants they will wait till she is done and it all depends on what she is wanted for

no, Hospitals don't communicate personal patient information with police or any government agency.

Take her to the hospital. It is not the hospitals job to check for warrants. The only way she might be arrested is if the FBI wants her for bank robbery or an orderly recognizes her from a wanted poster in the Post Office or she tells everyone in the waiting room about the warrant.

once admitted to the hospital, she will stay there until her care and health are taken cared of. AFTER that, they will take her to jail.

Hospitals are required to take in anyone who walks in the door, and care for them, even if they are to be arrested. its up to the attending doctor, as to when she can be released.

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