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If you post bond to get out of jail do you get that money back when you go to court?
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If you post bond to get out of jail do you get that money back when you go to court?


Not at that time. As long as you are allowed to be "out on bond" during the course of the trial, rather than held in jail, the bond will remain in effect. You will not be able to get your bond returned until the case is concluded and you're are found either guilty or not guilty.

YES. The money is to make sure you will show up to court.When your case is resolved, unless otherwise specified by the court ,you will recieve the money back minus 10% for court costs.

If you are found innocent, you pick up your money at the clerk's wicket.

If you are found guilty and didn't breach the bond conditions, , you also get your money refunded.

Only time you don't get it , is when you breach .

Interesting point that people often don't know:

If let's say your girlfriend pays the bond, when it is refunded , it is refunded to the charged person. They are expected to pay the girlfriend etc back abut many a time they don't. People who cough up bail money, need to remember this.

Brian Tilson
It depends if you are found guilty they might use that money to go towards you fines.

Eric L

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