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Is an apartment manager allowed to send someone to go into an apartment?
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Is an apartment manager allowed to send someone to go into an apartment?

Is an apartment manager allowed to send an exterminator into an apartment without the person living in the apartment knowing? I was in my moms apartment today and the exterminator just knocked once and walked in the apartment while I was sleeping.


It really depends upon the state, some require 24 hour notice -some, like Florida, only 12hrs.
Also, Appartment Managers are allowed to enter an appartment if there is an immediate cause - such as an emergengy.

Now, it is possible that your mother was notified but did not inform you that the exterminator was going to show.

Check this site out - for your the landlord laws in your state:

Owww, I had a bug problem and let the Manager know and I wanted it taken care of. Signed the agreement, and on that agreement, was noted that once a month on the second tuesday of every month the extermination would take place. So perhaps your Mother signed the papers months ago, and failed to tell you of the entery for the month was today. I take it that your Mother can explain it better to you.... seems you where the only one in the house at the time of entry.

Matt W
Without knowing where you live, I don't think anybody can answer this question. I recommend you look at the lease. They are usually standard forms and say exactly when people can enter into the apartment.

nunya b
"pest control" maybe in her lease and when she signed it she ok'd for that type of thing to happen. sorry. hope u dont sleep nude

they are required by law to give you a 48 hour notice before they enter the premises. i think it is suppose to be in writing also. either your mom didn't tell you or they never told her. creepy, i would freak if a stranger came in to my pad while i was sleeping.

Absolutely not, and don't listen to anybody who tells you to "look at your lease" because such a clause would be illegal anyway. Neither a landlord nor his agents can simply enter your apartment at will. If any kind of repairs, renovations, or pest control needs to be performed, he is required by law to give you prior written notice (24 hours here in NY, more or less time in other states). The only exception would be if there was a real emergency such as a fire, medical emergency, burst plumbing, or a leaking gas pipe. Otherwise, he's trespassing and you could call the cops.

No they have to notify you in some way that someone will be entering the apartment. My apartment management leaves notes on my door a couple days before they will be doing work....is it possible they did that and the note fell off or something?

In my community they have to have permission to enter via you signing a certain page on the lease. I suppose they could bundle that in with the general lease document if they didnt want to give you the option of declining.

kleighs mommy
depends. what does the lease say. mine says i will be given 24 hours notice, i have requested a second day because of pets and a child

corey e
On;y if its stated in the lease, the tenant was forewarned , or if a notice was displayed in the building.

Yes. Usually a clause on the lease that any designated maintenance person can use their key and go in after knocking. Exterminators included. Even if not in the lease, all they have to do is leave a note on the door or in the mailbox saying they will be there on such and such day, to call if it's a problem. Also some places just verbally tell tenants up front that the exterminator will be by once every 3 months, usually on the xth day of the month. your Mom probably knew and forgot to tell you, or overlooked it in her lease agreement. Not a big deal. They have a right to make sure the apartment is no invaded by bugs and your family doesn't want them either. So aside from you getting woke up unexpectedly, it's a win-win for everyone.

Check local laws, generally they have to give 24hrs notice

Matt W is correct look on the lease. Or you can call the state or county housing authorities, to see what the laws are in your state. Ask your mother if she gave permition for this first though. Every where i've lived they had to give 24 hrs. notice.

An apartment manager is an aide to the landlord; the landlord has to give permission to the apartment manager to enter a tenant's apartment. Both a landlord and an apartment manager has to give the tenant a written or verbal 24-48 hour notice of intent to enter the apartment. If the apartment manager did his job, and gave plenty of advanced warning that an exterminator was coming, then he does have some right to just enter the apartment. The only way he would not have been allowed to just knock and enter is if the tenant specifically told him not to do that, because the tenant would be home at the time of his arrival. It is safe to assume that if tenants are warned that an exterminator is coming that the tenants would at least be out of bed and looking for alternate housing while the exterminator did his job.

No. They can send police and stuff like that in with out the person knowing but other than that no they should have to have given her a 48 hour notice.

Hazel t
Well i don't think they rr im sure tht they have to have the person tht is livin theres permission

Good deeds
Hell NO!!!!

Yes unless your mother has on file that someone must be there. Remember she doesn't own the apartment she just rents it. Besides I'm sure the manager sent out some kind of notification that on such anc such date the exterminator would be around. Or you mother put in a request in which case they just take care of it.

That is standard procedure. Most people work so if they had to wait to contact everyone nothing would get done. For scheduled services I get a note on my door. For maintenance that I request, since I requested that is my notification. Some leases also have a routine services clause...that when the lease is signed it is notification that certain individuals will be entering the premises on a regular basis for such and such reason.

Yes, they will normally give you notice, but they do not have to.

Color me happy is correct, they are not allowed by law to go into your premise without notifying you. For reasons such as if you were showering, or sleeping in the buff, that is, the tenant has their legal right to policy.
If this happened to me the 1st call I'd make would be to the exterminators company to tell them they walked it without the ok. "breaking and enetering" and then tell the landlord.

yes, they do that all the time.. he probably should have knocked more than once but yes, the exterminator comes in all the time in my apts..

mama woof
Yes they are. Regular maintenance and upkeep are allowed. They should tell people first, but it is not required that the visit be approved.

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