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Is cheating when you are married actually against the law?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is cheating when you are married actually against the law?

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I am not married. I am just curious.


Marriage is undertaken as a promise to NOT cheat......why marry if youre not really into the marriage part of it? Plus adultrey is grounds for divorce so why cheat? either way youre not committed to the one you married in the first place so ........youre a skanky hoe bwahahaha.........

salee anabee
depends on where u live

in the military it is....

no,unless you are married to a high court judge

steven e

In some places, adultery is very much against the law...and if these places so chose to pursue, the punishments can be quite tough. Not to mention, i seem to recall several years back a wife in NC sued her husband's lover for the affair and won a substantial amount of money.

Jen G
In some places

not in australia but its still wrong

Do you live in the US? If so, in some states there are law against cheating. In most states now there is no fault divorce so cheating does not matter.

There are also some states that have old laws on the books that would allow you to sue the spouse and/or cheater.

Against the moral law, if you go by one.

It''ll get you stoned to death in some countries.

Only if you can name the person and prove alienation of affections. But no.

Yes, in most states, but, it is very rarely enforced.

don c
Twenty-six states continue to have anti-adultery laws on the books.


There is no law in England and Wales that states that cheating when you are married is a criminal offence. It may be a civil offence only if you have made a contract with the other promising not to cheat. If you breach that contract, then the other can sue for damages.

Mr. Morden
If you're not legally married then it can't legally be considered adultery. That's a secular view. The church may view it differently.

Adultry. Ever heard of it? Yes, it's illegal.

i dont think its against the law but it is a horrible thing to do.

not in the UK but go to Saudi Arabia and you get flogged in public for it

Not enforceable anymore... why are you considering it or seeking action against it.

It is not a criminal offense. Divorce settles disputes civilly.

Don't think so, but it is against your vows and against God!!!>>which is way worse then the law

No it isn't against the law but it can hurt you in divorce court! LOL

Infidelity is grounds for divorce, but not illegal.

When I'm at the end of my life I do not want to be thinking ' I wonder what it would have been like to swing from those wondrous Knockers? To be honest it would be great and I must find her again before rheumatism sets in and I canny hang on for long!!
Being single is to be in a constant state of expectancy, a good feeling, a warm feeling, a tingly feeling..excuse me for a minute.

Yes, of course, and where you are caught cheating, we send the ****-slapping police around.

luv books
Against the law or grounds for divorce?

Most states have no-fault divorces these days because proving adultery is nearly impossible. That said, many marriages end in divorce due to adultery by one, or both partners.

Cheating, however, is a different question altogether. Is it legal to cheat (as in your tax returns?) while married or single?

I think so because you registered you wife only and not those you have been cheating with so i think its against the law that why some ppl are being punished for cheating by the law.

Not in this country or else there would be millions of more people in jail.

Adultery isn't illegal in the US. It is, however, an offense that's potentially punishable by incarceration for military personnel. Also, some states permit "alienation of affection" lawsuits in which a spouse, or ex-spouse, can sue the lover of their spouse or ex-spouse. This type of case, however, would be civil and not criminal.

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