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Is freedom of speech a thing of the past? Should we now be afraid as a nation to speak of our beliefs freely?
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Is freedom of speech a thing of the past? Should we now be afraid as a nation to speak of our beliefs freely?

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kids and cats......I just wanted you to know that I completely agree with your answer to my question. I do not understand how the government got involved in telling people where and when they are allowed to practice their religion or pray. What ever happened to separation of church and state? Or does that only apply when they are taking away people's right to praise God and not in favor of our rights? I'm glad someone feels as I do.


The First Amendment is still valid, but you can't be allowed to cry "fire" in a crowded cinema, and under the USA PATRIOT Act it appears that the Bush Administration -- Cheney anyway -- is trying to make criticism of Administration policy into treason.

It's amazine what you can get an ignorant public to accept by firing up their fears -- as with fear of terror. Also judges and juries. It is not just freedom of speech but all freedoms, including the rights to privacy and to a fair trial, that are at risk.

This is an excellent question. The political correctness police (liberals) are constantly patrolling people and speaking out against people who say things that don't fit in with their agenda. Beware of people who use words such as "tolerance" "diversity" , "ignorant" , "hater". These are key words that these people use. These people are the least tolerant of all. They have a hard time fighting their battles in a court of law because of our constitutional right to free speech, so they try to use the court of public opinion to shame you into going along with their agenda. Young kids nowadays are completely brainwashed in this crap.

I don't think so, just to check I'm going to go yell whatever I feel like yelling outside the local police station and see if I'm arrested.

You can always say what ever you want as long as it is not unpopular...then expect criticism...

I think people (you included maybe,) think that because people criticize you it means that they are attacking your free speech...its not like that at all...becaus there IS free speech is why people are free to tell you how they feel about how you feel.

If you land in jail or you are phisicaly attacked call me (or ACLU) and Im sure we (they) will come to your rescue (so lng as you where not inciting or provokin, people forget those are exceptions)

Your question is good....

I do believe your question is one that has been around for many years....

Freedom of speech allows just that...and allows many to disagree with ones freedom....It is a great thing about America...we are free....so speak....

Derek M
Freedom of Speech is a god given right and always will be, but sadly the government is slowly restricting our right to freedom of speech. Get this bull crap. I have heard that on some college campuses that people have to be in designated "free speech" zones to freely speak. Any where else on campus all speech is subject to consequences. Free speech is a right of everyone anywhere anytime.

Steven S
why would i be afraid?

Mark D
No and no.

Bobby D
No, it isn't a thing of the past.

Uninformed people think it's within their freedom of speech to just blab whatever whenever.

There are clear rules and guidelines when and where it's fine to express your freedom of speech.

What people don't realize, it's not okay to express their freedoms when they're infringing on other people's rights.

That's the difference.

We only have those rights we choose to defend.

Once we surrender to fear, we've already lost.

Be afraid be very afraid - they are watching your every move and listening to your every word.
Those who don't conform are rendered to the torture chambers of foreign states so Bush can say "look at my clean hands" and give one of his s hit eating smiles.

Oh hell no. I will never be afraid to freely speak my beliefs.

To the guy above me, I pretty much hate both democrats and republicans, so I'm not biased here, but the evidence (not that the democrats have said this) is the patriot act, among other laws he has signed. Read the patriot act some time, you will see where people get the idea that Bush is taking away freedoms, or at least the legitimate claims.

no way

Why do you say that? How are you restricted? There are things that can not be said that slander or profane a person, and there are libel laws that regulate what may be said about a person, but if they are factual, then there is no restriction. We do value privacy and to say or write things that invade that zone of privavy, then the victim have recourse to the laws of invasion of privacy. I live in China and we enjoy the same freedoms with the provisions that we don't jeopardize national safety and here we don't criticize the government (but even that has been tolerated too..i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan and the SARS epidemic). As China becomes even more economically successful, the tolerance will increase. I am an Americian and I can voice my opinion about the politics here and even the Chinese newspapers have political cartoons that attack policy.But in the US you have even more outspoken voices...i.e. this forum.

Seeing Clearly
NO, why should we.... our politicians seem to have a problem, but we, the citizens still seem to speak out, about most anything, even against government policies, without being shot or jailed.... try that in a leftist country.

The politicos would like people to be afraid to speak against illegal aliens... tough sheet, politicos and illegal aliens... two classes of criminals.... and politicians try to appease Islamo-fascists by calling Islam a "religion" of peace, instead of what it is: a murderous ideology followed by brainwashed killers.

Muslims, at least those in the USA and Britain, are FREE to speak out against the terrorist acts committed by Muslims.... but none do that I have heard about.... WHY?

I have not seen any errosion of Freedom of Speech..... I still call the politicians exactly what I think they are. Don't YOU?

The politicians are not our nation... our nation is our people(legal citizens) and our country(our land). And, we the people do speak freely and call it as we see it, not so with most politicians: they have two faces and use them both; whatever fits the moment, they are the ones who have truly lost their freedom of speech.

Nope. Our soldiers are fighting a war for us right now to make sure that we never lose this right. God Bless the USA. See, I can say things like that in a free country and get away with it...

Freedom of speech will return once the Conservatives are removed from power!

kids and cats
If the freedom of speech has anything to do with Christian speech, then, yes - that freedom has become a thing of the past. We cannot pray, unless it's in Church - and that's the only place they want us to read our Bibles. But, then, that is a freedom that we must take back.

Short and sweet
NEVER! Freedom of speech is something we all must use. If we are afraid to speak our minds, then that law was made for nothing.

Sure has been under attack a lot lately...from both conservatives and liberals. Everybody wants free speech, but only for what THEY believe in....

I don't know is anyone outside of your door with a gun stopping you from saying anything? Has this forum been shut down by the government or are you just buying into all of the lefts scare tactics that GWB is taking away all of your freedoms despite any evidence to that prove it?

What country are you in? Certainly not the US as there is more free speech going on now that ever before.

If you are afraid to exercise your right to free speech that is your own fear that you have to deal with. You can see all over the US people speaking out with such fear.

I never have been and never will be.

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