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Is is unacceptable to take my child to court with me?
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Is is unacceptable to take my child to court with me?

My son is in kindergarden and he is out of school tomorrow and I can't find a babysitter. The charge was for DWI, no I wasn't drinking. I was taking an unfamilar prescription medication.


You can take your child to court with you. There is usually a separate area with seating for people to wait until their case is called. It would probably be best for you to bring someone else along to watch your son while your case is heard.

No, it will influence the jury, maybe even agenst you, if they see your kid and imagine you driving with him under that prescription medication.

If the child is capable of being alone and quiet while in his seat, he should be fine.

Greg P
No, as long as he's able to control himself. The only issue would be if he had to go to the bathroom during the trial.

Ryan c
do, it. who cares. he won't remember. Why wast money on a babysitter


If there's no other acceptable place to leave him and you're not taking the unfamiliar medication, I don't see why he can't go along with you. Having to stay quiet and still for traffic court might make him unusually cranky. Maybe you can find time to take him to the park before hand to let him get his energy out. Good Luck! :-)

I don't think you are supposed to take a child to court with you. But what do they care, they still get you for jury duty if you dont have a babysitter and dont even pay you for that first day so you lose a day of work, pay for a sitter and get nothing but a few measly cents for millage ONE WAY. (at least here in LA)

I hope you find someone to watch him....if not take him and good luck.

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