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Is it illegal for a 16 year old to learn to drive in an empty car park at night (supervised)?
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Is it illegal for a 16 year old to learn to drive in an empty car park at night (supervised)?

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ok. If I am not on a public road then I am not commiting an offence by driving (as this only applies to public roads). If I am in a private car park, then I may be tresspassing but that is a separate issue and one for the civil courts.

What if it is a coucil owned car park?


No. It is private property.

You would be guilty of no insurance for a start. The Road Traffic Act 1988, section 143 makes it an offence to use, cause or permit to be used a motor vehicle on a road or other public place when there is not force a policy of insurance or security against third party risks.

A car park is, by definition, a public place, in almost all cases. It might well also be a road, and therefore it would be an offence under the RTA 1988 s. 87.

In the UK it is against the law to operate a car without a full or provisional driving licence, which must be on your person at the time.

You cannot get a provisional driving licence until you are 17 years old (you can apply two months before your 17th birthday), unless you are in receipt of the high rate of Disability Living Allowance, in which case you could have a provisional licence while you are 16 years old.

Additionally, you must display L-plates and be accompanied by a 'responsible adult', who is at least 21 years of age who has had a full driving licence for at least three years.

Having said that, many people do it - parents teach their kids in empty car parks and similar areas all the time. Good luck.

Jackie M
It's illegal if it's a public car park and you'd need permission if it a private one

If you have all of the following:
1. A learners permit
2. You meet the requirements of driving with the permit (hours, persons with you, etc)
3. Permission of the property owner to be on the property. Many parking lots and park-and-ride lots are posted to specifically prohibit drivers education on the lot.
4. Permission to be operating the vehicle you are driving.

Sure as long as you have permission from the land owner and the car park only has one entrance.

Car parks with more that one entrance are classed as highways.

Nutty Girl
with no insurance and no license yes its illegal only if was private property would it be ok say it was your land that is ok

Sunny Day
You can only drive on private property with the owners permission

yes it is illegal

if you don't have a permit, then yes it is illegal, even on a closed parking lot, and even that can be considered private property, and you can be trespassing on the property, which is illegal also.

Legally, you're supposed to have a learner's permit first. That gives you the ability to legally drive whilst supervised.

If you were on your own farm, you would be o.k, but not in the public domain.

Phil McCracken
Trespass is not a crime in England, it is a civil taut.

Anyway, a person of any age may drive on private land to which the public is excluded. This does not include the car park at Asda, but if you owned a large home with land, the 16yo (or younger) could legally drive in that area.

david b
it is private property if you have permission from the land owner you could let 6yr old drive there. if you do not have permission you are trespassing but the only thing the police can do is tell you to get off. Traffic laws do not apply to private property. As long as you dont let him tear around like a tw@t the police wont waste their time.

It is illegal. If you were to drive on private land to which the public didn't have access, then it would be OK. That is providing you had the permission of the land owner.

You wouldn't even have to supervised, there no legal requirmements.

Hollie-Raie's Mummy!
yes because its not your property. if you had a field or something then you could. you can drive on private land but to drive in an empty carpark is illegal

of course its illegal. but if u dont get caught.......... then keep driving!.. dont worry i did that too

If you live in the UK then
yes its illegal as its still public road REGARDLESS of if its empty or not
the only way you can do it and not get in any trouble is if its on your own private land
and at 16 I'm guessing you don't own any land

Lavrenti Beria
Maybe, depends on if there are no trespassing signs posted. If the cops come by just tell them what you are doing.

It's not illegal if you have your learner's permit.
If you don't, then it is.

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