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Is it illegal to park your car in your front yard?
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Is it illegal to park your car in your front yard?

I live in Winston-Salem, NC.... and I was told by someone that the government had passed a law that states if you live in the city, that it is illegal to park your car in your in your front yard? If this is true, that is the biggest joke I've ever heard. No one is going to tell me where I can and can't park my car.


No, It's your property, you pay for it.

Trying to prevent the neighborhood looking from looking like a trashy people settlement.

its illegal most places. If you want to wash your car, nobody is going to care, but if regularly park there then expect trouble.

It's an ordinance in my city that you cannot park on your lawn. First you get a ticket, then you get towed.

Actually, they can. You will have to do some research to see if that is the case but they consider cars in yards to be 'junk'.

I'm not sure about Winston Salem, but when I lived in Greenville NC the city has passed a law about that. I actually who had a friend who got a ticket for it. So it could be very possible. It's a way for them to make the city look nicer.

I have never heard of this law
But I would think it's ok
if it's okay with your landlord if you have one
or if you live in an addition

That is definitely a city ordinance kind of thing, and I have lived in a few places that have it. I think the law is in place for a number of reasons. First, to deter people from turning their front yard into a parking lot during major events. Second, to keep people from having their own personal junk yards. Third, to keep people from crowding into residential homes (I think you can see an ulterior motive here). Fourth, it protects real estate investments of the community as a whole. I agree that it is a little silly since some times it just makes sense, for instance when you are having a large gathering at your house and street parking isn't available. At the same time, I can see how city officials would just try and steer clear of the whole issue by making a blanket statute. And in closing, people tell you every single day where you can and can't park your car and I bet you listen...

in the cidy i live in people turn there yards into parking lots a handful of saturdays during football season!!!!!!! college football

but that law and other interesting ones have been passed in some places........ city beautification

you should be able to since its ur private property... u might want to call your city hall to double check...

but where else are you gonna park it? unless its one of those watched communities i dont see why not?

some municipals might have ordinances in place to keep "curb appeal" up and therefore keep the prices of the homes in their city higher, and keeping "junk" outta there..

That would be a local city ordinance. Check with the city.

It's a boy! 9/9/09
i've never heard of that. i mean if you had like 5 junk cars parked in ur front yard i think they can write you a ticket to clean it up to beautify the town.

In alot of places, it is a law.. But generally it's not very regulated. Only if you take a leak in the cup of a cops coffee.

Sometimes local ordinances, homeowner associations. and deed restrictions impose extra obligations on you. If you signed off on the rule you're pretty much stuck. If the law was passed without your participation and you believe it violates your civil rights you can bring a lawsuit to overturn the restrictive law. The court will then decide whether or not the law is unreasonable in light of the constitution. In your situation it looks like the ordinance has been proposed but not yet enacted. This is the time to call your representative, write letters and make your opinion known. (and all of your neighbors who agree with you).

Unless your front yard is entirely driveway, then it is illegal to park it there.

Joe P
nosy people who got nothing better to do called the cops on my nephew for sleeping in the motor home in our driveway. they told him he couldn't do that.So now the guy who called the cops has to buy new tires twice a year.

A city absolutely has the right to do that. Just as they can regulate fences, trees, maintenance of the property, etc. If you object, you have to go to city council and raise the issue.

Other wise, they can fine you for the infraction.

Hell, I know places where they regulate the color a house can be. Most boring beigey brown place you ever saw.

Yeah, bubba, they can tell you that. And if you keep doing it, they will ticket you and fine you and impound your car.

If you live in a city, it has laws and ordinances designed to make the city civilized and livable. If you want to junk up your yard, move to the countryside where there is no law about it.

well i wouldnt think it's illegal seeing as it is YOUR property

do whatever you want. lol

Easy Come;Easy Go
i dont think so, its ur car, and ur front yard...why does it matter, but in some places you get a fine if your house is messy on the outside to make the city look better

Your property.

But..you know the government. They are bipolar!

You better get used to living in socialistic and soon a communist country.Remember in America you only have rights after you die.People will say it's courtesy not to park on the grass, I say mind your own property,get a life. People who support petty laws like these are the reason we are a society with more laws than freedoms.Wake up, don't we have enough laws?Think about it, look at America 40 years ago; Someone would have got their ass kicked (not shot lol) for fining a home owner for parking on their own property.(civil war maybe) Not today! Blind , sensless,ignorant,people support more laws and legislation that will in turn choke them too.People !.:$&/@();?Get a life,leave people alone. I'm sorry you can't park in your yard,I really am.I think it's sad.If it helps I would suggest two rows of cinder blocks buried flush with the ground.but you might want to check with your city.

Most cities have an ordinance against it just like they have an ordinance against having junk cars in your drive way or on the curb. If it is an eyesore, it's propably got an ordinance against it.

Good Cause presented through proper channels, such as the city council with enough speakers favoring your position, can lead to repeal or amendment to allow exceptions and grants of justifiable waivers in the codes against parking in your front yard. Disabled and seniors can quietly visit their city district area council person. They can also visit their city building department and city engineer to find a compromise to come part way. I have stretched ligaments that cause my bones to come out of their joints. The city does not want to cause me irreparable health harms and damages and pay for my doctor hospitalization surgery joint reconstruction bills or for an ADA Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit judgment damages award. Move the Council to make an ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Accommodation for truly verifiable disabled people to be allowed to park close.as possible to their homes, especially if they already have pavement that an engine can rest over. Individuals have right to file a complaint against compulsory compliance with a dangerous-to-health municipal code, or request immunity, a waiver, or even a modification in the local municipal code. The DOJ gives funding to many local law enforcement agencies. DOJ investigates both civil and criminal police misconduct. In time, I will be safe again to park on the walk to my front porch. The closest help may come from the local city council amending the municipal code to grant waivers of prosecution immunity on a good cause case-by-case individual basis. Another route to go is to also include the city finance manager, make the case for how much it will cost the city in legal fees and judgment awards for violations against the person's special circumstances.

someone just told you that you cannot park your car on your front lawn. now go and move it before it is towed away by the city. it is illegal.

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