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Is it illegal to spy on your neighbors?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it illegal to spy on your neighbors?

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and its nothing like disturbia


That depends entirely on the level of "spying". Now if you're just keeping an eye out on them (you know... from your yard) that's normal and perfectly legal.
However, sneaking around their yard and peeping into windows can get you into trouble. (or telescopes trained on the master bedroom - teenage daughter's bedroom window - Not OK)
Getting into their home (invited or not) and planting bugs or hidden cameras, etc... Can get you into a bigger heap of trouble.

Mr. Hallowe'en
It depends on how you define "spy".

If you're just looking out your window and they're in their yard, then no, it's not illegal.

If you're hacking their internet or bugging their house with cameras...yes. Very illegal.

depends on what kinda spying you're doing.

wire taps and invading privacy then yes, but if they just so happen to have their window open, or garage door open .. then no. =)

Like peeking through their window at night? ....yes it is.

depends on how far you go

I don't think its illegal to look through an open window from your own property or from a public right of way

yeah lol it is actually, kind stupid, i know but i dont make the laws!!!!! or enforce them!!!!!

neighbors should be spied on cos they get up to the strangest things

yes it is

tim r
yes. iop

Mister-meaner !
I dunno, buts it wierd and rude.
well have you seen disturbia, if its that situation, I guess its ok

If you are peeking in their windows, or tapping their phone line then this is very illegal.


i dont think it is illegal but im sure its not morally right..........unless your stalking and taking pics of them then eh that illegal

If you're caught, you'll risk getting your a$$ kicked.


It depends on the state/country's law.

Depends what kind of spying you're doing. If you're watching out your window and/or sitting on the porch watching/listening - it's no big deal. If you're hiding in their closet an watching them sleep - not so cool.

No, I never saw the police pull up in front of the Kravitz house and arrest Gladys.

No! Completely legal, and, completely encouraged by President Bush and this fascist administration. Its called the Patriot Act.

Vote for Ron Paul 2008!

Yes it is illegal to spy on em!!!
They need privacy! If you think they r doing something bad call the police and they will take care of it!!!

I have a neighbour who has a listening device and has been causing me enormous problems.

I asked the police about this, because I when I became disabled the insurance company sent people to spy on me costantly. The spies would notify the police that they would be illegally parked (I guess if you're a spy you can park anywhere you want) so they could aim a telephoto lens at me across the lake and record everything they could see through my windows. Since they didn't see me do anything, they made up interesting stories of all of the things I MIGHT be doing. Apparently, if a person with ruptured discs is not seen leaving a house for weeks, and not seen through the windows, this proves he is inside lifting boulders in awkward positions, since they can't see that you're not... Bottom line, if it is possible for someone to see you using a telescope, they are free to do so. Same thing at night using infra-red, or listening using sensitive sound dishes, any sort of passive thing. I'm not sure about shining a laser on a window to measure the vibrations of the glass, which is used as a microphone from afar to listen in on anything they want. Immoral? Yes. Illegal? No.

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