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Is it illegal to walk in the road?
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Is it illegal to walk in the road?

is it illegal to walk in the middle of the road in Dane County, Wisconsin?


Ghayel Sher

yes you will get a ticket for like 200


don't try it. u'll be dead b4 they arrest u!

Noone i
The only way you will find out is ask the police or sheriff there. We dont know, but I can imagine they could ticket you for doing it and not moving if a vehicle comes.

They'll take you to jail for it.

yes. i can't understand why you would anyways.

yes - and plain unsafe too

kleighs mommy
yes its jay walking unless theres no sidewalk. if there is no sidewalk walk going against traffic as far from the road edge as possible

yes because you can do harm to yourself/other vehicles, if you were walking on the side of the road it would be different, anyways, what would posses you to walk in the middle of the road

I think it comes down to common sense. There is probably a law saying you cannot do this but no one in there right mind is going to charge you if you are walking down the middle of an empty road. If you are walking down the middle of a busy road with moving traffic, it is probably illegal but above that, it isn't good sense.

J-walking is just a common sense law. It is just there to give cars the right of way and police the option penalize someone doing something stupid. If you can J-walk safely and sensibly, you might be breaking the law but no one will care.

im no physicist, but i think it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to walk IN the road, which i dont think is illegal, however walking ON the road youll likely be ticketed. get a bike like everyone else does in madison

It's illegal to walk in the middle of most roads in America?

A lady was arrested the other day, walking down the middle of the
road butt nakey, with her little girl on her shoulders
and they cited her just for jay walking..........
but was sent to the loony bin.

Yes, obstruction of traffic, whether there is traffic on the road or not....

I don't know specifically in Dane County but it would probably be covered under the jaywalking laws that are designed to prevent pedestrian - vehicle accidents.

Depends on what kind of road, and for how long. If you're just trying to cross the street or it's a rural road, you'll be fine, but if it's like a county road, you can get cited.

Me and my friends skateboard everywhere in the summer, usually in the middle of the road. We only get pulled over by the cops like 5-7 times per summer.

ugh. u should KNOW THAT!

j l
just tell em you forgot to take your meds this mornin !

In parts of America it is. It is in Wisconsin. If you get caught your in for it. Over here in London or in the UK in fact, thats very much legal. The police don't do **** over here anyways!

I would not say so much to illegal but that is plain stupid to walk in the road (i mean road for cars). you dont have to think twice about that.

Uhm, yes.

Jeff P
Walking in the MIDDLE of the road is illegal anywhere not to mention dangerous to yourself and motorist. Which is why it's illegal. If there is no sidewalk or if it has not been cleared of snow, ice or is otherwise hazardous you can walk on the SIDE of the road as close to the edge as possible. Remember to always walk against traffic, and ride with traffic.

Walking in middle of road is always illegal everywhere.
Roads are meant to be for vehicles only.

yes its called jay (sp?) walking.... you gotta walk in a cross walk





Yes it is called J walking.

CrAzY J (wwe fan)(tna sucks)(T)
no!!! i do it all the time

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