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Is it legal for parents to allow their children to consume alcohol at home?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it legal for parents to allow their children to consume alcohol at home?

for other than religious reasons.

please provide a link to a law reference.


It is illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase alcohol. Rules for consumption and possession vary from state to state.

Whether or not you are allowed to let your children consume alcohol in your home depends on state law. Use the following link to find what your state's law is regarding this issue:


For example, in Texas, you can drink or possess alcohol if in the presence of your spouse, parent or guardian. I know this because I was just in Texas and my wife is under 21 and could go to bars with me for a change.

Asad Hassan
child -endangering-children services- then you go to jail!!!

In most states it is legal for parents to allow the consumption by minors, while they are present with them. However, that does not make it a good idea to do so. Minors have a much lower tollerence and it makes them susceptable to depression.

Different states have different rulings on this. While it's illegal to buy or sell alchohol to a minor in all 50 states, *providing* alchohol to them is permissible in some settings.

Note that the Catholic church provides alcohol to minors every week. It's a tiny amount, but the laws don't say "it's okay to give a alcohol to children, as long as it's only a little bit." In some churches, the altar boys finish off whatever section of the communion wine isn't used in the services, and it can be almost a full cup.

In most states, I believe it's technically illegal for parents to give alcohol to their children, but as long as it's kept reasonable (a glass of watered wine with some meals, a small glass of champagne at a wedding or New Year's party), it's not enforced.

not really.............it can be deady and u can go to jail for life by that

It's illegal. The parents can be charged with a crime if they get caught.

no thats sad

Mama Pastafarian
Until the child is 21, it is illegal for them to consume alcohol (other than a sip of wine at communion). The parents could be arrested for contributing to the deliquency of a minor, and the child could be arrested for illegal consumption.

21 is the legal drinking age in all 50 states of the US.

Depends on state law.

This would be considered child abuse-well NO unless they are 21 years old!

The legal drinking age is 21..therefore under 21 is illegal.

Veteran Garfield
Not only no, but hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jack f
Who knows? Depends on the mood of the judge that day. They seem to make the laws, instead of congress.

It used to be many years ago. Now, or at least in Texas, it is illegal, even in your own home.

is not legal, but some parents allow that, because they said that then we can have our kids home and watch them and nothing can happend to them, so let them drink alcohol. But you have to be 21 so you can drink alcohol.
take care and do smart.

us veteran

No. If the child is under legal drinking age, and the parent buys the alchohol and allows the child to drink it, the parent can go to jail if they are caught. Look it up under your state laws to see what the charges are.


IT IS STILL LEGAL IN TEXAS... Providing/Furnishing Alcohol to Minors In Texas, a person may provide alcohol to a minor if he/she is the minorís adult parent, guardian, or spouse, and is visibly present when the minor possesses or consumes the alcoholic beverage from:http://www.tabc.state.tx.us

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