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Is it legal for people under 18 to smoke cigarettes?
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Is it legal for people under 18 to smoke cigarettes?

I know it sounds stupid but is it true that it is only illegal for minors to buy cigarettes, but they are free to smoke them?


No, it is illegal to smoke cigarettes if you are a minor. Just like it is illegal to drink alchohol if you are under 21.

no, they aren't supposed to smoke and they can get ticketed which cost approx. $50.00 a ticket, if the police wanted to pursue it. It is a law now in Michigan that a person under the age of 18 cannot purchase a lighter either. Any person found purchasing for a minor can get fined big time!

Yes, they just can't buy them... Smoking is stupid though..

Carolyn T
Not only illegal but not very smart either. Once you start that nasty habit it's very hard to quit. Not to mention the effects on your health. Take it from one who kicked the habit! You'll thank yourself when your older and wiser!

wendy b
in missouri, if you're under 18, whoever supplied them could get in major trouble

It is illegal to possess cigarettes under the age of 18.

its illegal for both

Its always been illegal to smoke cigarettes under 18. My sister got a ticket for having them in her possesion when she was like 16, which was like 9 years ago!

No. Your individual state has specific laws relating to possession of tobacco products by minors.

D greendesk
Forget 18. is it legal for a government to allow the sale of cigarettes knowing it to be poison and that it endangers the health of all and sundry.

nope.. it's illegal to smoke or do any drug under 18 UNLESS you are with your parents. if you are with your mom and dad you can, but it has to be in a private residence i believe.

No it is now illegal to be in possesion of cigarettes if you are under 18.

Double 709
If a cop catches you smoking them and you´re under 18 he has the right to confiscate them from you.

If it isn't illegal, it should be. Smoking cigarettes is NOT cool... it's NOT smart... it's NOT adult... it's NOT desirable... and, regardless of what you may believe.. it's DUMB, DUMB, DUMB... to put something that will kill you with cancer into your body and think you are doing something intelligent.

Back Porch Willy
If you are talking about in the U.S., then the correct answer will vary depending on what state you are in. Most states just make it illegal to buy them , but in some it is illegal to use them.

doesnt matter... just dont smoke....

robbie h
In Ohio if a minor is caught with cigarettes either on person or smoking, the police officer will give them a ticket(of course this depends on the cop--some just let it go) and make them go to court and have to go to a smoking seminar, which shows them the effects smoking has on their bodies. Personally I think this should be shown in school at a young age 9-10yrs. and every year after that.


so what if younger people smoke i smoke lol and so what? what is the problem with that? we got one life and law is taking over it! we can do nothing all we do is get in trouble and its not fair so FU!-

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