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Is it legal for someone in your home to throw away your things?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it legal for someone in your home to throw away your things?

i am 20 years old and i live with my parents. i have moved back with my parents and things have been really rocky. i never really had a good relationship with them. i came home one night with a lot of my stuff thrown away. these are things that i have bought with my own money. my dad has been threatening to throw my stuff away for a while; he does this by putting some of my clothes in trashbags and stuffing it in my closet. i am just wondering if there is a lawsuit i can put against my dad but not sure since he is the homeowner.
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ok NEW:

first off, i did move out out of my house for two years already but i decided to move back in.

i mean, he is the homeowner of the house and i am wondering if he has any actual rights in removing things out of my room. everything he has thrown away has been in my room only.


it's legal, but immoral. at least talk to him to clear out things. you're staying at his house so he has the right somehow to demand something. calm down, he's your dad anyway. dont make major decision when your at high emotions. show some respect for him so that youd earn yours somehow. and if he doesnt respect you back, then it's him who has faults not you.

Taylor's Dad
Move out and get a life.

You are 20, you should have moved out a long time ago. They are sending you a message. Move and let it go. You can replace things, you can't replace your parents no matter how mean or disrespectful they may be.

Whatever he paid for is his to do with as he pleases.

If you are paying him rent, you may technically have rights. But the best thing to do is work it out or get out.

it's legal, and if your in their house at 20 its most likely righteous as well, get a job and get out

all that he did was to put your stuff into trashbags and then put it in your closet?

that's not throwing away, its called cleaning up.

if he puts it out into the trashcan on the curb, then it is thrown away.

It would be advisable to just move out. I noticed that you skipped the reason he put stuff in bags and stuffed them in your closet. Where did he get them from? Laying around HIS house? Not likely you would win a legal battle, even if you found a lawyer to take the case.

Real Talk
it is illegal for someone to throw away your things. but if you want to sue him, its better you do it soon and not wait for the next incident to happen. Even if he is the homeowner, you are like a tenant and he cant touch your stuff, unless he bought it, and even still if he gave it to you as a gift, it is yours.

If i were you, i would just take the loss and move out. Its so not worth the drama.

Work out your problems with your dad. Possibly consider moving out and living on your own and forget about suing your father. Not very many lawyers would represent you if you even had a cause of action because they don't like children suing their parents and vice versa over little squabbles.

In the old common law system you couldn't sue your parents and vice versa.

Bonnie C
Just get out of there.......he obviously doesn't want you back under the same roof.........

Yes I believe it is illegal. You would win in court if he did in fact throw your things away with out asking you.

umm its kinda hard. see hes letting you stay in his house.. soo but then agaain yeah im pretty sure you could for you didnt give him permission and your an adult so yeah. go for it.

"Your Name" on my *SS
well if he is just putting your clothes in trash bags and setting them in your closet, then that isn't throwing away. i don't think you can sue them for that because you are living in their home. are they still claiming you on taxes? if they are then you would still be considered a dependent and you should speak with a judge or lawyer about it, but my suggestion in keep your clothes at a friends house and move out, they clearly are saying.....they don't want you to stay there...

Joel R
Maybe if he were actually putting your stuff on the curb. Since he is probably just picking your crap up and putting it in your closet then I would say no.

If you paid for it, technically it's illegal. But do you really want to take your parents to court? It would be messy, emotionally draining, and lawyer and court fees would probably end up costing more than what he actually threw out. I suggest just talking with him. The number 1 problem in relationships is lack of communication. Tell him frankly and honestly (w/o being snarky or rude) how you feel and what you think a good solution to yuor problems is. It's generally hard for people to change their mindsets, so you both have to give a little. You have to be strong enough to bend. Best of luck to both of you!

well if your not paying rent or not you cant take someones beloings and chuck them take,vandalize or hide ie impound the items its not rite and i believe that is illegal in most states and is a civil matter a judge judy thing and i would try too come to terms w/ your family but they cant through ur stuff out regaurdless of who bought them your dad isnt going to fit in you stuff rite ? so dont mess w/ his .your only 20 and i will say try to work things out obviously there is alot going on at home but try and secure your things a bit better if thier carrying you and other bros n siss yea parents cant be kool always rember some day they wont be arnd too get on ur case so try and show them a little respect as the same that u want to rec from them WELL GOOD LUCK TOO YA AND YOURS ROC WLA...

Oh boy, that's a touchy subject. I think it's wrong that your dad throws away or even threatens to throw away your things. I don't like to hear about family members suing each other, though. The parent's argument can always be, "Well, we spent a lot of money bringing you up." That's what Judge Judy told a guy once who was suing his mom over a radio. Try to talk things out among each other rather than taking each other to court. But I side with you because it is wrong to throw someone else's things away, especially if it's your own daughter. I wish you the best. Good luck! =)

Kaylah Lee
I agree with Edward W. If you don't want your dad or whoever throwing your **** out, then move out. End of problem.

technically since ur over 18 u have legally binding rights and all that other fancy wordage **** so really if you have proof of purchase, and he throws somthing out, u could file a report w/ 5-0 and they would probly have him refund u the monetary value - but i dunno how seriously they'd take it

Yes if you don't know him go get a knife and stab him in the back (muwahahaha!!)

My sister throws away her grandkids stuff if they pick them up, even threw her grandson bike in the pond because he left it in the yard. He only 6. She a mean grandmaw.

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