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Is it legal to BBQ on my balcony?
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Is it legal to BBQ on my balcony?

We live at the apartments. I've been told by my crazy neighbor that it is illegal to BBQ on my balcony. I live in Washington state. Does anyone know if that's true?


Ask your landlord. Or if you own the place, check with your deeds and the local bylaws.

If you aren't actually disturbing your neighbour (with noise or smell) there may be nothing she can do.

la buena bruja
I don't know about Washington state, but it's against the fire code in Michigan to barbecue on your balcony.

I have a gas grill on my deck and I'm on the 3rd Floor
Check your local fire department

tons on idiots here
i dont know about washington state, but in lansing mi it is illegal to grill on any surface that is not in direct contact with the ground. ie using a grill on a second story apartment balcony. the reasoning is if the grill gets knocked over hot coals in theory could land on and injure a bystander.

It depends on where you live. Sometimes you are allowed so long as the bbq'er is tiny..ask your management office

It would be most likely against apartment rules.

It's most probably a city fire code rule. The state normally doesn't go this far on the code unless there's been some major event in the state to cause it to see a need for a statewide ban.

The thing to do is ask the landlord or his Representative.,

As a state law or national law probably no such. The owners can say no BBQ if they want. Read your lease carefully because it probably says wht you can and can't do.

That is the kind of thing you should know before you move in.

i believe it is because i think you have to barbacue 10 ft away from the apartment on your property so that the apartment doesnt catch on fire...stupid rules but i think your neighbor is right...

oh and this is the rule in texas so im not sure about washington

Look in your lease!
I wouldn't ask the apartment Management.............
Just DO IT! If it's Brought to your attention that it is illegal by the management........claim ignorance.............

Over and Over
I know this probably sounds stupid, but we bbq on our garage roof.(second story appartment, and the way its set up our back porch is the garage roof) and they dont say anything to us about it,although it may be against your lanlords rules, and you may want to check into it though. And there are lots of people that bbq on their porches so the 10 feet law does not apply, and also there is no law that it has to be directly on the ground, unless its an open pit bbq which im assuming you would not have on a balcony!

Walter M
Depending on the area this is entirely true. College kids setting fire to thier apartments while grilling spurred some of this. That's how it is in Hennipen county in MN. As far as Washington state goes, the case of a building code going back to International Code Council is being cited.

as long as u do not get caught

it would be unwise to bbq under an overhang, Call the fire department

Most apartment leases have in them something saying you cannot use a grill, especially not a charcoal grill and especially not on a balcony. They are simply trying to eliminate the fire hazard. Check your lease--if there's nothing in there about it, then you're fine. If there IS something in the lease about it then your neighbor is right.

Check your rental agreement. The might be a rule against charcoal BBQ but a gas grill might be ok. I had a neighbor once tell me the same thing, they just objected to the sell of meat cooking, they were vegetarian. I suggested that they close their windows and door.

Yeah kind of because of the smell and smoke and all that crap but you gotta ask somebody more professional

good luck :)

I hope not! I BBQ on your balcony all the time. I shot your crazy neighbor the bird. Your welcome.

deep blue
haha it sounds like he's jealous of smelling your food.

i've never ever heard of it being illegal!!

Though i'm from australia, bbq's are pretty much used as often as stoves!

National fire code specifies 10' from a combustible structure.

It is illegal to have a propane BBQ above the first floor in Massachusetts, but that doesn't stop my neighbors. Just about all of them have one on the 2nd floor in my neighborhood which is predominately 2 family homes. So far, no fires. I'm a little worried about my home because it might not be covered by our insurance policy if my neighbors upstairs have a fire.

Pissed off neighbor
I love in Olympia,WA and yes its against your lease to BBQ on your balcony... I believe you have to be at least 10 ft. from the building for fire safety reasons. Oh and the person who replied about people just being jealous of how good the food smells. Thats BS.... it has nothing to do with it... Its hot out and i have a fan in the windows and its blowing in all the Smoke/charcoal smell into my house and I have a baby. Also think about it if the BBQ would flame up and catch something on fire near by like a beam.... guess who pays the price I do!... Im in the unit above this person... and is BS! and ive reported them to the managers office with a written letter saying that this couple below is is BBQ'in on there balcony below and i have to keep my sliding door shut and windows so smoke doesnt come blowing into my house... Worried i'll be gone one day and come home to a place thats burnt down. Even if i have renters insurance thats not the point. Its a fusterating because i would like to have my fan in my windows with out it sucking smoke into my home... Like i said its BS to say someone is jealous of the smell of how good food smells like seriously? i could give a shit about how good there food is and i would be happier if they would BBQ safely and follow the rulles of the apartment complex like everyone else has to... 10 feet away from the building please.... says in the lease!!! thank you have a good day hope this helps.. cause this is irritating and been going on for weeks and im getting ready to call the fire dept. because i've complained about it and the management hasn't fixed the situation

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