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Is it legal to have a fire pit in your yard.?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is it legal to have a fire pit in your yard.?

I live in Washington.


It depends. I know in certain areas, certain towns and villages prohibit fire pits in the yard, even though the city may permit it.

call your local town or fire dept. to find out the specifics.

your city & county codes will vary from every other city & county. contact the departments and ask.

Snake Guru
Yes and No. You want to call your local police station or fire dept. and ask the fire marshall and ask permission first. They will be the ones to let you know if you can or not. Good luck with everything!

I too live in Washington. In our town it is illegal to have a fire pit that is not above ground, however fires in the county are allowed, but bonfires must have a permit, it is best to contact your local fire department or police and ask them the regulations for your area.

Not sure, I can in Alabama :P

I live in Massachusetts, here it's not illegal. In factt, many people have one because we get a lot of pine needles and leaves,ETCt.
Here you need to get a licience from the fire department in order to use it. & plus we need to call every time we do use it.
It's very strict.
But they best way to find out is to call your local fire Dept.

nikki p
i would think so, its contained

I'd imagine so.

Cheryl Millard
Yes you are allowed to have a fire pit in your yard and you can use it providing there is not a burn ban in place. Your local fire department will be able to tell you if there is.

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