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Is it legal to open other people's mailbox to put in some advertising material from my company???
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Is it legal to open other people's mailbox to put in some advertising material from my company???

I've being thinking on doing some advertising on my neighborhood for my company. and i'm not very sure of if I can do this........the main objective is to put in a flyer on the mailboxes. Is it possible???


Nancy Kay
You may not deposit advertising materials in someone's private mailbox. It is for official use of the US Postal Service only and it is a federal crime for anyone else to deliver anything into it.

I Care, So I Share....
No u may not go into anyones mailbox. The postman will remove the flyers, and send u a warning.

Rubba Bubba
Its Illegal to Open Someone elses mailbox at all... Its illegal to advertise posters in mailboxes. It need to go to the post office, but you have to stamp them all...Why not put all the Posters all around town. so everyone can see them, it will save paper and money on stamps. That is if you dont wanna buy stamps.

On a legal level, it is illegal for anyone other than a Postal Service employee to place anything inside a person's mailbox. Of course the owner can place and remove items, but other than that, it has to be a Postal Employee. But they have to catch you first, or someone has to make a complaint.

Well it's illegal, the right way to do it would be to mail it. Anyway, good luck with your company! :-)

Yes it is illegal. Think about putting yur material in a paper holder if they have one.

It's illegal. Mail it to them through the Post Office, then you'll be O.K.

NO its not. It is highly illegal to use the post office mail box for anything except official mail. It is a Federal offense that they will prosecute for. You can put things on it or under it or i suppose tape something toit as long as you dont open it.

Why not just drop it right to their doors?, that would not be illegal.

Don't - it is illegal. Federal offense.

No, it's not.

It is a federal offense to open another person's mail box and place something inside. Though you might not get prosecuted it's not worth the risk. consider affixing your flyer to the neighbors' front doors instead.

Yes, it is illegal, however you may "hang a flyer" onto the red flag that is usually attached to box, or put your info into their newspaper box if they have one. Good luck

Possible but very wrong.

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