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Is it possible to put my house deeds in another name?
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Is it possible to put my house deeds in another name?

Id like to put the deeds of my house in the name of my niece (incase i should die then shes got it without tax hassles), but if i do put it in another name and in a few years decide to move, how can i sell it if im not named??


a deed of trust can place the home immediately in someone elses name upon the instant of your death,but you can retain all rights to occupancy and proceeds from sale while alive.

If you do what you suggest, it will be her house and she can sell it out from under you but you cannot sell it at all. Consult an attorney or tax accountant as you may be totally wrong about taxes. When one inherits property, the tax base of the property is the value of the property at the time of your death. When she goes to sell it, her gain will be only the gain between the time of your death and time of the sale. If you sell it to her now, or even sell an interest (retaining a life estate) she will not get that benefit.

Snakeman !
The simple answer is - DON'T !

Once the deeds are transferred to your niece - SHE has sole control of the property ! SHE could sell the property without YOUR consent and do whatever she wished with the proceeds !

I put a house in my wife's name and one in my daughter's name. When I sold my wife's house that went OK but my daughter refused to allow me to sell hers. 15 years later it is still unsold.

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