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Is someone who is legally blind allowed to have a driver's license?
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Is someone who is legally blind allowed to have a driver's license?

The person I am inquiring about is declared legally blind by the VA. This person still has a license. Is there also anyplace where I might be able to find this info? Thanks!


No, they have to pass an eye sight test .... so I think they would fail ... ... ...

I think when someone is declared legally blind, there license is revoked. They would be issued and ID card, but not legally able to drive a car. Check with your local DMV for more info.

If a person has vision problems they can still get a license, but there are restrictions put on it. For example, you can only drive while wearing corrective lenses (glasses or contacts), or you can only drive during the day. If you have specific quesitons about the law in your state, call the BMV or check to see if they have a website.


You need to understand the definition of legally blind. This does not necessarily mean totally blind. Vision correction can permit the legally blind to see well enought to drive.

You can be declared legally blind, but full sighed with the assistance of corrective eye wear. Your divers license will just have a marker that indicates it is necessary for you to wear corrective eye wear.

My husband who is legally blind had to voluntary turn in his license. The department of motor vehicles has no way of telling when someones eye sight may diminish to the point of being legally blind. So unless the person has an accident and in the case of many elderly this is what it takes, no one knows how a persons eye sight may be. We can only hope the majority use common sense as my husband did. Even then it was a hard thing to do.

Try the state in question's Department of Motor Vehicles.
I'll bet they say no, but he could get a state issued i d card from them, for id purposes.

Mickey Mouse Spears
I would say no, but it probably varies from state to state. My grandmother who lives in Illinois is legally blind and she is not allowed to have a license, even though she can see. She's never had a license or driven a day in her life.

Teddy Bear
I don't see how it would be allowed for a blind person to be permitted a license to drive. I would inquire at your local Motor Vehicle.

wouldnt have thought it was very safe!!!! no prob not legal at all, try your local police station. they would be able to help.

depends if it's just one eye or both, one of my mates is legally blind in one eye and she is learning to drive at the moment

with corrective lenses, sure. although states definition of "legally blind" differs.

Through the use of certain low vision aides such as a bioptic lens, visually impaired and even legally blind patients can obtain a drivers license in some states, including Ohio.

I live in Florida and my husband used to live in Georgia. He is legally blind but he wears glasses. He has a drivers license in Florida and used to have one when he lived in Georgia too. He is allowed to drive as long as he wears his corrective lenses. Of course, he can't see where to put the key in without them so he can't drive without them at all. In most states, if you are legally blind but the problem in corrected with glasses or contacts, then you can get a drivers license.

Lt. Dan reborn
According to state statutes someone who is given a driver's license has to pass the eye exam. Not that it is terribly difficult to do this, but it is at least a minimum standard.
The person you are thinking of has, I hope, passed the test years ago and couldn't pass an eye exam today.
Although, this would explain a lot of the driving that I do see out on the roads today.

No, because a person legally blind cannot see any better than 20/200 with glasses, or contacts. They are a safety hazard to the public, if behind the wheel.You can verify this with your state DMV office.

He shouldn't drive a car when he's blind.

yeah, driving on the footpath isn't even slightly hazardous to pedestians

Wendy 1
If the person is medically, legally blind, then you should notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state before someone gets hurt. PLUS the person must be legally blind even with corrective lenses. Some people are legally blind but when they use corrective lenses, they are not.

i'm sorry to answer a question with "I don't know" but i thought that if i told you what i DO know then you might find it useful.

most states won't give DLs to legaly blind. often times, in states, doctors have the authority to confenscate patients licenses and report it to the motor vehicle department.

however, several states - depending on the level of visual impairment - will grant 'Restricted' licenses to drivers who have vision problems. these restrictions will include such things as "may not drive after dark" and "may not drive more than 2 miles from home address".

again, it depends on the state.

virgina's website:

Probably using the license as an ID card.
The driver's license and the ID card in California look identical.
In fact a teenager can have an ID card with a number on it and when they go for their license they keep that number they both look the same except at the top it says identifcation. Just because you have a driver's license doesn't mean you drive a car. I didn't drive for serveral years and just kept it for ID purposes. Legally blind people can ride bicycles it doesn' tmean they don't see.. it just means they don't see well.

Heinz M
IF they can pass the DMV eye test, then yes. Otherwise no.

No you're not allowed to drive. Ask the Beauro of Motor Vehicles

If a person is blind they are not allowed to drive a car on the roads,When a person looses there sight they are meant to hand the driving license over to the DVLA.If you need more information contact the DVLA and they will be able to advise you..

No they should be driving now think about it where would they drive to, it could cause an accident. They should turn in the license and get an ID there not much they can do about this. You should call the DMV to find out more info......

Yes, for ID purposes, but it would be restricted.

The definition of legally blind is visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the better eye (even with correction) or peripheral field of less then 20 degrees. Either way, they would never meet the visual requirement to drive (even limitedly) in any state. All states offer an alternative form of legal identification for reasons just like this. However, it is up to the individual to turn in their license once they become legally blind. The Department of Motor Vehicles is not informed when someone goes blind. I've been legally blind for almost a year and no ones come knocking on my door for my license. Though obviously I don't drive, it doesn't stop others who are legally blind from driving.

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