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Legally how many times do you have to ask someone to stop texting you before it's harressment??
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Legally how many times do you have to ask someone to stop texting you before it's harressment??


Vicky T Viking
If you continue to receive text messages from someone when you have asked them to stop and it is becoming a problem, try to keep some of them on your phone or write them down with the time and date you received them. If you are harassed in any other way also keep notes of that and report each incident to the police. The notes and text messages can be used as evidence in court if it goes that far. Nobody has a right to repeatedly contact you when you don't want them to.

I had a stalker for 2 years who started by sending me text messages and then threatening ones. I won't go into detail but some people offered to beat up the offender but I thought it might come back to me and make things worse but to be honest the police were useless and it would have been better for me if he'd got beaten up and was out of action for a while. It would have given me some peace and a chance to sleep.

good question, i asked this to the Police when an ex harrassed me ? What did they say: keep evidence etc...

Too late, was too scared, I took my son and my life and moved on, what happended to OUR RIGHTS ???

angel 36
one time is enough after that they are harassing and stalking you

just keep a file of everything they send to you and send a report to the police, i doubt very much that someone would actually be thrown in jail or something for texting 3 times, though you could try to get an injunction against the person if you wanted to take it that far. only after the person has broken the injunction i believe that the law can lock the person up or fine them or whatever...

Iwould save a few of them and a few of yurs asking to be left alone. Then go file a complaint.

I have no idea about 'texting' laws, but usually, if you explain to someone, just one time, that you will not tolerate being contacted by them and you will call the police, that is enough of a warning. You don't have to give them chances.

It is legally harassment after the first warning. However, you will need to show more than one instance before anyone will press charges.

The answer to your question is once.

Once you have asked him the once, then if he continues to send then it is harrassment.

What I would do is go back to the police and explain to them the situation and see if they would issue you with a crime reference number.

Once you have this, you can phone your network provider, and explain to them that you are being harrassed by a certain mobile number.

You should ask them to change your number, and as you have a crine reference numbe, they should accomodate your request.

change your number.be in control. if harrasment persists it is clear the other party is detrmined to harrass you. but do something where you remain in control...change the number.


wholy w
once but have a witness that you told them that (they might deny it). aslo the cops might ask why you just didnt block them (if a block feature is available). try to block it first, if that doesn't work then contact the authorties.


when its upsetting you and coursing you stress



It is not harassment until you file charges.

Isabella G
legally?? testing laws??

ha ha

3 times??

2 times... thats when i got a call from a detective about my ex....

Harassment is unwanted attation, yes? What if, you have a renter that moves out and does not pay his/her final bill. You dont know where they moved too. All you know is their frist and last name. Its not really worth it to go to court over $300. Would it still be a type of harassment to text or e-mail the person they ow you money.

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