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My grandmother -in law is turning 100. How can I get a letter from the President sent to her ?
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My grandmother -in law is turning 100. How can I get a letter from the President sent to her ?

I have heard of the President sending letters to people turning 100.Does anyone know how to go about recieving such a letter?


Earth: The Connected Home
Yes, the White House is set up to do what you are looking for.

Log onto www.whitehouse.gov and follow the links.

A lot of people don't know about this program, but individuals celebrating their 80th birthday or later are eligible for a Presidential birthday card.

Please make your request at least 6 weeks in advance of the birthday.

Other Presidential recognitions are:

Baby's birth cards (within a year of the birth)
Wedding cards (after the wedding takes place)
Anniversary cards (50th anniversary or greater)

Here is the link: https://app1.whitehouse.gov/greetings/home

Surprise your family and friends who qualify. Don't tell them how you arrange it, and you'll look like you have serious pull!

Amanda Overmeyer-Janis of today!
Why would you torture a poor woman like that? Ask some grrovy person to write a letter.

Dart Swinger
Do you think Bush take his finger out of his nose long enough to sign his name?

Racist Answer Man
Contact the White House and they can point you in the right directions. Try whitehouse.gov. DO NOT try whitehouse.com, unless it's changed over the years.

D and G Gifts Etc
The best way to have a request handled in a timely manner is to fax it to (202) 395-1232, said Taylor Gross of the White House.
Willard Scott's office (212-664-3924). He is the guy on the news.

To receive a greeting from President George W. Bush, send your request to the White House Greetings Office, Room 39, Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Washington, DC 20502. Fax 202-456-2461. Or go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/greeting/

Include the full name(s), address and title (Miss, Mrs., Ms., Mr.) of the recipient, plus the date and event being celebrated. Also, include your full name and phone number in case there are any questions.

Here are the addresses to request greetings from past presidents:
Bill Clinton, 55 W. 125th Street, New York NY 10027
George Bush, P.O. Box 79798, Houston, TX 77279
Jimmy Carter, Carter Center, 1 Copenhill, 453 Freedom Pkwy. Atlanta, GA 30307

Send all the information to Willard Scott, Today, NBC News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Room 352, New York, NY 10112. Although Scott has retired, he still returns to wish centenarians a happy birthday.

I know Willard Scot on The Today (NBC) shows or tells about the people turning 100. You can submit a picture. I would check on their website.

you don't want bush to write a letter, you might as well just ask a 3rd grader to do it

go to the official White House website. There is a link on there to follow. It gives you all the info you need. Oh, and Congrats to grandma. That's awesome!

you actually think bush is literate

T Rick
From Bush? Are you kidding me? He actually does do something?

Helen Scott
I haven't heard about that specifically, but normally if you write a letter to the White House, you get a reply. You could just write and ask him to send her one. It does take a while, though.

contact your local government official or office they well help.

go to white hse.com or look under President Bush? There is a standard request form that you can fill out for a birthday wishes from the president and they would send it directly to the great grandmother. My mother was so excited when she rec' the card from the President. Have fun!

I think if you write to the public relations dept at the White House, they would do it.

Also, you might want to contact her Congressperson and Senators, they will probably be glad to write a letter too, and would be more likely to respond. If you ask far enough ahead of time they might even be able to get a flag flown over the Capitol for her and sent to her.

Send an e-mail to: www.whitehouse.net. Tell the President what you want.

Just try writing Him, you never know, he may return it. I have gotten Governors to write me back, but I have not tried a President yet.

Gods Speed

she will automatically get a letter from the quenn a few weeks after her birthday my neighbour got it

That would be awesome!! I can't wait to hear how you go about that!! Happy Birthday Grandma:-)


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