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My landlord is stealing my mail and preventing me from getting court documents and money, what do i do?
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My landlord is stealing my mail and preventing me from getting court documents and money, what do i do?

I have been living in a house under a rental scam for approx 8 months now... Finally after getting enough evidence that i was in a rental scam I stopped paying the false landlord and started paying the bank who really owned the house. He has already tried (and failed) to evict me once.He has already broken the law by staying in the room above me (according to my house-mates) to "Spy" on me.

But my MAIN concern is I have had money sent to me via mail from my parents and from my girlfriend and I am missing court documents that they tell me they sent out, Both of which i definitely should have received by now. (My girlfriend mailed me 40$ on Tuesday it is now Saturday, and it didn't come in today's mail... AND she lives in the same city.) I want to know what It is i can do? If anyone has any suggestions or advice? I already put in a "complaint" with the USPS. But whether it will do any good i do not know.

Now my girlfriend doesn't have a lot of money and sending 40$ is a big deal, and i REALLY needed the money. So we are both incredibly angry.

I read somewhere it is a federal offense to steal mail, but i don't know how i can go about proving it or getting him arrested'/pressing charges.

(Our mail is in a mailbox at the end of the street, i have a key, but our landlord gave us that key, and who knows how many copies he made.)

- All help is appreciated - Thanks!


I would get a PO box.

Roger M
MOVE and stop playing games.

intrepid hero
well if you, your room mates and your land lord have a key to the box and you know its not your roommates call the police on him also if you can steak out the mailbox and put a letter adressed to you in there and when after he comes and checks the mail go and see if the letter is there and if its gone call the police but have video of you putting the lettin the box and of your land lord checking the mail and when you go to check the mail after him, or you can get you a po box but that can be expensive.

Ed F
Get a post office box at the Post Office or mail center rather then get home delivery. Since you have provided no evidence that the landlord stole your mail, you have no case against him.

1. Report him
2. change lock
4. confront him

Agrippa the Roman
By now I would have been stomping that mofo into the dirt.

go get a postal box.

You can either Kick Him out, Either verbally or physically.
Call the police.
Beat the crap out of him.
Or Sue him.
Good Luck and God Speed.

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