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One something is thrown into the trash, can anyone legally take it?
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One something is thrown into the trash, can anyone legally take it?

One something is thrown into the trash, can anyone legally take it?

I can't seem to find the info on the internet...
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Are there any links I could look at? I live in the state of Texas


nonof y

Well, this city doesn't think so.

And I worked in several stores in Michigan. No one was allowed to take items from the trash or they were prosecuted for theft. People try to take broken items out of the trash, take them into the store for a refund or take them home to repair and use and sometimes to sell. The idea was that then the people would not purchase the item from the store, so it was considered stealing to remove items from the trash.
The best idea is to get permission from whoever owns the trash bin or dumpster.

sure go ahead dig in

yes you can! someone's trash is someone else's treasure

yes, they can because they threw it in the trash and it is not theirs anymore. when i was getting a new bed and i threw my old one out, i out it outside where my trash on the curb someone took it because it was still in good shape.

Jack B
If you put the trash in a " common " trash can [ say in an apartment building ] , it is " fair game " , also if you live in a single family house , and you put your trash at the curb for pick up by waste management , it is also " fair game "

soccer playa
Yes but only once it's at the end of the street ready to be picked up, but if its just in like a dumpster go ahead!!!
have fun with your garbage ;P!

Yes. Once it is out of your hands, it is considered public property.

yes you may.

♥ Juicy Couture all the Way! ♥
Yes because it's not your property anymore. Once you put it outside in the designated spot where you put your trash or recycling, its not your property anymore. Anyone can leaf through it at anytime and you can't stop them because it's then public property. Anything that resembles trash is also not yours even if you didn't want it to be trash. Be careful with that kind of stuff. Shredders are GREAT inventions!

Yes you can. Unless it's the President's Speech ha :P But if someone has a baskball hoop they are throwing out or something that is in good shape and they are throwing it out, you should ask them if you could take it. It's just more of a polite way.

unfortunatily,when u throw something in the trash it becomes waste.anyone can leagally look through it or take it. unless i am mistaken it is federial law

Team Artemis!!!
Yup. dosent matter if its an old Tv or a couch or desk. its legal.

If something is sitting loose at curbside, it's fair game. Still, when I saw a chair thrown in the trash, I went to the door and asked the folks if I could have it. Sometimes they have paid for pickup, and I wouldn't want to mess that up. If it's in a trashcan, you are not entitled to open the can and go through it.

i don't know what you mean

On CSI they didnt have what they needed on hand so they used something from that persons garbage (to make an imprint to see the shape) because they didn't have a warrent to take the object.

Totally, if you want


Sophie (:

Grace Z

i take thangs from houses that has not beeing on the trash so i guees that ones is in the trash it's easier to still it, i mean take it

Brandie C

When Tim Hortons had Roll Up the Rim one year, two girls rolled up the rim of a cup that someone (I think it was their teacher) had thrown out. The prize was a Toyota Rav4. The man fought the girls, claiming that the car was his, since he bought the coffee, but Tim Hortons awarded the girls the prize. I hope that answers your question :)

But what if someone else throws it in the trash? For example a workplace with lots employees. It could become a loophole for stealing...

James Coates
I live in an apartment complex which city housing also uses for tenant placement. Two months ago the apartment above me got assigned by San Antonio housing. The tenant moved in felons and homeless people. I complained to manager and one felon was removed. Also, they are IV drug users, coke at day and heroin at night. Also they have drilled holes in my and other apartments around her. Twice she has flooded my bath with urine and feces. When I call the police, housing gets involved and tells the police they have evicted the tenants and the homeless man. When I call the manager with a complaint, housing calls the tenant. Today I called to complain and housing called the tenant and told them to clean the apartment. The tenant threw away two big black bags of trash. I retrieved the trash to turn over to police. Did I fail to mention I'm a disabled veteran with PTSD and now the memory of two months on camera by drug using felons? HELP!

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