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Please help: What can I do if my neighbor is selling drugs out of her apartment?
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Please help: What can I do if my neighbor is selling drugs out of her apartment?

People knock on her door with the same knock. They enter then leave like 2 minutes later, and they say thank you! I have another neighbor, a young guy, who told my husband that the lady hangs out with the "tweakers" in this other apartment across the complex.

I don't know what to do because I don't want to put myself in danger. I live in a nice area too, so you'd never know in a million years what is going on! I am at home with my baby during the day and so I don't want to cause any trouble or have a huge drug bust with guns blazing or potential bullets ricocheting (sp).

Honestly, I'm scared. I'm afraid that her customers may try to rob us or something. One day I saw this guy climbing out of a tree, he looked like he had rabies or something! But he was probably one of her customers.

By the way, this lady has a 13 year old daughter.

What would you do if you were me? Also, my husband has a second job and works at night. So, I'm here by myself alot.


Jayne A
You have to move. You are not only putting yourself in danger, but now you have your baby to think about. It's not a nice neighborhood if you have dope dealers nearby. Think of how you would feel if the "dealers" had a scuffle with each other and bullets started flying and came through your wall and killed your baby? Nice neighbors. Your husband should man up and get all of you away from a soon- to- be bad situation.
Get some help right now, today and move out!!! You'll thank yourself later.

You can call the cops. I don't know what they would do without evidence, but they might set up surveillance etc. . . and get the proof that they need. I'm assuming that you have contacted the apartment management? A legitimate place will turn her out in a heart beat.

If all else fails, call CPS on her.

call the cops or something...

Time Will Tell
Take pictures and video and then call the cops and child welfare.

Unless you're a conservative, then you should close the curtains and mind your own business even when the bullets come flying through the window. Then you should pull out your fully automatic and spray the entire neighborhood and whoever get's hit must be guilty for being there.

DUH...call the cops

♥ of Gold
send an unanimous tip to the cops. they won't know you said anything.

First buy some and then call the cops. You can either use the stuff you bought as evidence or to screw with people. Like put it in there tea. Have fun. Just don't smoke it or snort it based on what it is. :]

Just go to the cops, they can take an anonymous tip from you I'm sure.

Call the cops.

DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN THIS!!! The Police will end up f*cking your life up,try and get out and about.

Natasha B
call the cops...

tell the cops anonymously, before things escalate too far.

Ashley S

im not shouting at you im just telling you that you need to take this serisouly.

Stephen K
An anonymous call might be judicious

Co-Co R
well do you know for sure she is selling drugs? if you are sure i would say maybe report it?

☼ Sushinsky ツ
You should tell the cops that you suspect she's selling drugs.
I'd recommend getting out of that neighborhood even though it's nice.
I'd rather be safe.
Be careful.

Wow sounds bad. Your baby shouldn't have to live in that situation, especially as she grows older. Give an anonymous tip off to the police.

Nothing big SHOULD happen...no bullets flying every where, at least i would hope. They will probably just arrest her. Then you will never have to worry about her again because i doubt the landlord will let her come back if she bails herself out of jail. And also, it is your job as a witness to call children's aid for that 13 year girl. Good Luck for you and your family xoxox

No matter where you live or who your neighbors are it sounds like you are nervous because your husband works at night. Also, you have no proof your neighbor is selling drugs. I don't understand why you think that you might be robbed because of this neighbor? If you live in apartment complex is there security? I think you should stop spying on your neighbor and gossiping about her with other neighbors. You should always keep your doors locked no matter where you live.

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