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Possible breach of privacy by my employer please read?
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Possible breach of privacy by my employer please read?

i broke my ankle on saturday and had to take time off work (which i have a doctors not for) but my manager has told my ex boyfriend(who works in the building next to ours) that i have broken my ankle infact whenever i am away from work he asks him where i am or tells him im not there is this a breach of confidentiality


There is no privacy law in the UK - even if there was this would not count as a breach.

The only type of law in the UK which could relate to privacy is the Data Protection act and this covers Data which companies hold on a person.
Again this instance would not count.

Just tell your employer that if anyone makes a personal enquiry as to where you are etc that you would prefer they did not give out the information.


How, pray tell, did the manager know your boyfriend works in the building next door? Did he use a psychic? Mindreader? Or perhaps you told him or you used your bf to pass messages to him in the past. So much for privacy, eh?

Captain Sarcasm
Let common sence prevail.

Choose the right moment, tell your manager how you feel in a diplomatic and polite way.

Pooh Bear
It doesnt strike me as being so.
If you feel it is perhaps you should have a quiet word with the manager and ASK him if he wouldnt mind but you would rather he didnt discuss you with your ex boyfriend. Keep it cool, keep it nice and dont get uppity about it.

It is absolutely inappropriate for your employer to disclose personal information about you. This includes your health and your whereabouts. If you work for a large firm with an HR department, you should definitely approach them to intercede with your manager.

Presumably your manager is an adult and should be expected to know that discussing an employee with his or her former boyfriend/girlfriend is in appropriate for manager to do.

It's not entirely appropriate, but on the other hand it's hardly a secret that you've broken your ankle. Anyone who saw you do it, saw you at A & E or sees you hobbling about in plaster will know.

Just a thought, does your manager know this guy is no longer your boyfriend? Perhaps he thinks he still is and is expressing concern for you in asking this bloke if you are alright, assuming he'd know.

Is it appropriate? No.

Is it illegal? No. The fact that you have a broken ankle is not confidential information under any state law. Besides, so your ex comes over and asks if you're there and the manager says "no, she's not" - how is that a violation of your privacy?

The bottom line is that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what your rights are. Unless the information your boss is giving out is protected by law, then he can tell whoever he wants. It may not be professional but its perfectly legal.

Dirk W
You could always put a motion in to a judge. Call your local courthouse and ask them what you can do. That's your best bet. But yes, that is a breach of privacy, no doubt about it.

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