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Right to take children away from their mothers in the polygamist ranch?
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Right to take children away from their mothers in the polygamist ranch?

I personally think that it was wrong for them too. was it right or wrong for the government to take them away and what moral conflicts appear in this?


Yes it was very right. Those children were being abused. They deserve a chance of a proper upbringing

It was right. You take children away when their parents allow them to be raped

The only reason they took them, had nothing to do with their beliefs it had to do with children being molested and were beign forced to marry much older men. IF the moms say they will force there children to do these things, I say take them away

Geoff E
Childrens welfare must always come first. If there is a possibility of the children being in any danger then its right they should be removed to safety.

Good question.
However, some of those children, from what I heard, did not know who their mothers were. So if this were the case, taking the children would not have the same effect as if they knew their mother and had an emotional attachment to her.

I do however believe that unless their is severe physical or emotional abuse going on, children should never be taken from their parents.

CPS responded to a credible threat that the children were being taken advantage of. There are even reports of some children being married off and even pregnate. I believe they had all the right in the world.

I think that if the parents are allowing their underage daughters to be raped and impregnated, then yeah, they need to have their children taken away. They are not protecting their children. They are abandoning their sons before they are even of legal age. They are breaking the law. If a regular mother was pimping out her daughter, that child would be removed from that household, no questions asked. I am all for religious freedom. However, I do not believe that a 13 year old girl is capable of making decisions when it comes to whether or not to marry a man 40 years her senior. Plus it is illegal. These children deserve a chance at a normal life, which they will never have at this polygamist ranch.

they werent taking them away from the mothers they were taking them away from the fathers...it was the fathers they had to be taken away from and yes it was right to take them away because or else they would just have to live there and have kids for there whole lives with really old men!!!

This is such a hard situation! IMO, they need to get those kids out of there. If the moms would go with the kids, maybe that would be OK, but those kids ARE in danger. I know that most of the FLDS followers genuinely believe what they've been taught and are as innocent as they look. But that can't excuse the damage that is being done to those little girls and the boys being ejected for trumped-up infractions. And the baby training is horrific! I will grant it is being inflicted by moms who think they're doing the best thing, but causing life-long damage that is so deep these children will never even realize how they've been scarred.

I say this from the perspective of growing up in a very similar environment. It is DEVASTATING; the harm is too great to verbalize in this limited venue and lasts a lifetime and beyond.

The extra sad part of it is, what will happen to this huge influx of children into a system ill-equipped to handle them? I wish I could take in half a dozen of them myself just because I know the drill (at least close). How likely is it these children will end up in homes that truly understand what these children are coming from? Sad, sad, sad all around.

angela s
of course it was right. they are getting 13 yr olds pregnant. the woman shouldn't be blamed and they should also be removed. they have been brainwashed for years. the government needs to send people in that can retrain and help these people. the kids and woman didn't even know what a crayon was for gosh sakes. their only purpose is to serve

theres moral conflict reguarding every issue in the goverment but no it is wrong to take a child away from it's mother unless it 's in the best intrest of the child

I don't think there's any conflict here.

The government has NO BUSINESS being there.

The government doesn't have any right taking anyone's children without due process.

I can only put myself in their situation, and I would be DEVASTATED if somebody took my children away and put them into the hands of strangers.

I think that a better solution could have been found...especially for the children. I think I would have kept the children together in one place...perhaps a dorm...under the supervision of caring women. I fear that these children are going to be more traumatized going into a 'foster care' environment.

And what would happen if the mothers were allowed contact with their children again? Without the men around, I would say that the children would be okay.

kandy b
i think no mother should be taken away from their child ..unless the mother is abusive.

people think the mothers are "robots" and all they can talk about is getting their children back....calling them "fake."

but if someone took my child from me.....someone will be dead immediately. people do not realize that these people do not understand what America calls socially acceptable.

if the children were in fact abused....then YES PUT THEM IN FOSTER CARE.

if not. THEN GIVE THE CHILDREN BACK TO THEIR MOTHERS. some of these kids are way to young and haven't been abused and just the situation of being separated from their mothers in an envornment they are not use to WILL SCAR THEM

that's hard to answer cuz every one knows its hard on a mother when her child is being taken away.
but on the other hand i'm not against it either. they need to be somewhere better than where they lived

__<3 EMiLY
kids need to be wit they parents. although i dont agree wit some of the things that was happening in the ranch, i do believe that the mothers have the rights to their children.

I think taking those children away from their mothers is extremely cruel. They're exposing those poor kids to something they're completely unused to when the mothers and children aren't even guilty of anything!

dead wrong they had no real evidence of abuse in fact they report yesterday that the call was a hoaks what the government is really trying to do is stomp out separatist groups in America regardless of their belief etc that just a cover they use because they know Americans never come to the aid of those they can't relate to so it easy to turn a blind eye to those who are being mistreated by the goverment but yes they are dead wrong for trying to wipe those people out coming to a private community with arm soldiers ect. hoping to provoke a fight u send social works to homes were abuse is reported to investagate besides that if an abuse is report in a neibhorhood you go to that house you remove the children from that house once its confirmed u don't remove every child in that community feel me 400 something children kiddnapped by the goverment and no out rage from anyone i'm sad bout this how corupt and uncaring this goverment has become

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