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Should Gun Makers Pay The Price Of The Gun Violence?
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Should Gun Makers Pay The Price Of The Gun Violence?


I don't see anyone asking the alcohol makers to pay because there are accidents caused by drinkers so no

smart boratt brother
Should car makers pay the price of 42,000 deaths 300,000 injuries in the U.S. alone in 2005???

If I make a toy for kids, and it passes the safety inspectors, and then some kids get hurt using it in an unsafe manner, not watched by their own parents, should I have to pay for it? I don't think so. Responsibility lies with the user, no matter what the case. If someone comes up and hands you drugs, and you do them, should they be charged for it? I don't think so; you should be charged if you did the drugs, if you are a responsible adult.

paul c
No, because guns don't kill people, people kill people.

people spew hate filled and hurtful words on the Internet. Should we hold the telecommunications companies and the computer companies liable?
In answer to your question, no we should not.

Mikey Mike
No. If they are held liable then we should also hold auto manufacturers liable for car wrecks, liquor distillers for drunk drivers and liver damage, etc, etc.


Marty K
Should we sue automakers for drunken driving accidents?

No guns don't kill people. Its the people that use them that do that. I heard a saying that god did not make all men equall Samual Colt did.


should auto makers pay the price for auto deaths? Should construction companies pay for airplanes flying into highrises. Should food vendors pay for someone choking to death. I think not.

no because even though they make the guns they arent responsible for what the people do with the guns

no, its not really possible for them to decide how people use thier guns, its out of thier control. The responsibility is more to gun retailers and lawmakers to keep a balance between our right to bear arms and our right to life.

b b
sure and the makers of automobiles for all the crashes!

And knife manufacturers for knife violence....and car manufacturers for car accidents....and baseball bat manufacturers for bat violence....and pool manufacturers for drownings....get it?

Ben Dover
Colt is no more responsible for killing people than Mcdonalds is for making rosie odonnell fat.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. What about wars. Governments get people to go kill people. What if someone put a baseball bat along side someones head and killed them. Do we bust the bat makers?...Let's get real here. I think you get the idea.

Hi,,, no we have the freedom to keep our firearms here,, people have shed blood for that freedom,, and people that abuse this, are the ones that need punishment...

good luck


theodore r
Guns are just tools.
Human beings could come up with a way to hurt who'ever they want, in all manner of ways.
If there were only bow and arrows, cleaning up the debris would be messier.
I like the saying, "God created man, Winchester made them equal".
I have carried guns before, and also been in the military.
I have never committed a crime with a gun.
I also remember a saying, "I would rather be in a situation, and have a gun, than be in a situation, and need one, and don't have one.
If human beings did not have evil minds, guns would only be used for hunting, and sport.


It would open up a Pandora's box of implications and become a windfall for greedy litigation lawyers.

Should breweries and wine makers and liquor manufacturers pay for the price of people who can't use alcohol responsibly?

Should power companies pay for electrical fires caused by overloaded and over fused house circuits and for people who stick metal objects into their outlets?

In short, any manufacturer that produces a product that can potentially be harmful if used for purposes it wasn't intended for would be fair game. And that's everything from power tools to ladders to jack knives and everything in between.

Don't you really think it's time we took responsibility for our own actions instead of always looking for someone else to blame?

Obviously, this doesn't exclude any manufacturer from lawsuits which result from a defective or inherently dangerous design fault or materials defect in their products.

Should McDonald's pay for the gym fees for all the overweight persons. Should the auto makers pay for all the damage and loss of life their vehicles have caused (44,000 deaths last year) I have had a gun laying on a shelf for years and you know what.... It hasn't hurt anyone. In fact the thing hasn't even gone off.

No. Because that would be wrong. How about the manufacturers of alcohol. Should they be held responsible for the alcohol related deaths and accidents. Not to mention the treatment centers for alcoholics and broken families of alcoholics. Would you make the manufacturers of alcohol pay for all of that. Naw. Just hold people accountable for their actions.

to quote an old saying "guns don't kill people people do". Should we make car makers pay every time one of their cars kills someone, how about airliners, how about knives. rocks, hands ropes, water. My vote would for everyone who wanted to to go publicly armed. IEDs in Iraq are not always made of ammunition, if you had the knowledge, things under the sink can make a powerful explosive. What about the Oklahoma City that was blown up with fertilizer and diesel, we going to make the producers of them accountable too?
Beyond the right to a fair and speedy trial is the right to a quick and adequate punishment. Executing a few child molesters, rapists and drug dealers might not discourage others from committing the same crime, but sure would stop these people from repeating.

friendly advice from maine
Should Lawyers pay the price when laws dont work.

a lot of good things come out of guns( like self protection, etc) but a lot of bad things come out of it too , just depends on the situation, if at that moment the guns are used for slef protection then no but if it used for gang violence than yes

Does that mean we can make car manufacturers pay when a vehicles is used in a crime?

No, society is already paying the price for them.


@paul c: Yes, people kill people. But people kill people with guns... If we didn't have guns, then people would have to find other ways to kill. Guns are clean kills. Screwdrivers aren't.

Yes, guns are not killers, people are. But think about it! What are the majority of murders done with? Yes, guns. If gun makers were forced to pay every time a gun killed someone, obviously they would slow down or even close down their business. This would reduce violence greatly. Do you think its easy to kill someone with a screwdriver? No, cleaner kills occur with guns. It is harder for police to track people down after the crime. Punishing gun makers for making murder weapons saves many lives- many innocent lives!

What you all don't understand is that guns are created to kill! Cars are not. Cars are simply a mode of transportation that people operate without care, or road conditions become bad, or the car malfunctions. Only occasionally are cars intentionally used to kill something. But that is not their design. Gun makers make their firearms knowing that they will likely be used someday for violence. Firearms are weapons. They're created to hurt things, unlike cars. Its not like you'd use a shotgun to cut your steak. Think it through people!

I think they should not pay the price because its not their fault that we have stupid people in this world. They shouldn't be held responsible for someone else's stupid actions. If someone wants to kill a person, let them do it, but don't blame the makers. Just so you know, this was written by a sixth grade cheerleader at I.A,Lewis school. GO RAMS!!!!!!

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