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Should I sue Target?
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Should I sue Target?

I was at Target last night, around the home section and I feel something on my shoe, so I turn around, and theres a brown pile of something in the middle of the isle. I pick my shoe up and smell it to see what it was, it was poop. It made me very sick and I was really dissapointed that, that happened. So, I go to tell a manager, and my boyfriend was more angry about it than anyone else, and we told her about that and how it was completely rediculous and they should do something for us because of it. So she told us, "Why, what do you want, a apology?" As rude as she could. ..and said "Well its not our fault, thats the customers fault." I've been in retail business, and the customer ALWAYS comes first! So should I call the Target Corporate office and go talk to a lawyer? Need some advice.


You should definatley talk to the Corporate Office, as something similar to that happened to me at a Macy's store involving urine. Since the woman was so terribly rude to you and your boyfriend, explain the situation to them. Tell the date, store, the manager's name, etc. However, if they are unresponsive and unhelpful, then it may be time to call a lawyer and discuss your options.

file a complaint. you have a right as a customer to complain! i dont think you should SUE for poop though.

what are your damages??,.....some crap on your shoe??,.....you have no case,.....

So, just to restate the situation -- some stranger pooped on the floor in a store. Then you stepped in it. And you both got really angry because the workers at the store don't have someone on poo-poo patrol at all times, on the off chance that doody might be in one of the aisles.

Sorry, but there are no actions - either taken by the store, or failed to have taken - that have caused you harm or loss or debilitating emotional distress.

To point out the obvious: pretty much everyone knows what a chunks of feces look like without needing to remove a shoe and take a big whiff for confirmation.

It's true, though, that the person at the store shouldn't have been rude, no matter how absurdly bizarre your actions are.

Too bad you can't sue yourself for being goofy enough to sniff.

I don't think you should sue, but I would talk to the overall manager of the store and if that doesn't get the results you desire. I would go to the corporate office and complain to them. But what I don't understand is what did you want them to do for you, besides give an apology. Odds are some child had an accident and the pile of poop hadn't been brought to their attention until you stepped in it.

That's awful that there was poop in the store, and worse that the manager didn't even apologize for it. I think you should just look up Target's corporate office and explain that the manager was rude about it. Maybe they will compensate you in some way, but I wouldn't expect anything big if I were you. And, although it's really gross, it's not something to sue over.

Who cares. I mean yeah she should have been nicer about it but its your fault. Maybe you should be more aware of your surroundings. Quite trying to make a quick buck. Its tacky and only make you look bad. No one is going to rule in your favor.

we live in a sue happy society sue them for what you couldnt tell what was on the floor was poop you had to smell it? lets give the woman $10,000 because she smelled poo on her shoe oy!!! how does the store know you or your boyfriend didnt make the steaming pile grow up **** happens lol

I think sue-ing is a little much.....i'm not really sure....complain some more or somin'.

just relax

You could probably write an angry e-mail to the corporate office but I don't think your lawsuit would go far; believe me Target can hire some pretty good lawyers, plus I don't think they are liable to you anyways

no! that's why products and virtually everything else in this country is going up in price...people who are "sue happy." what you should do is contact the store manager...tell her calmly, and with class, about the incident. and i'm sure you will be issued an apology. yes, they should have handled it better...but was it target who put the poop there?? they have over 50 isles in that store...don't you think something is bound to be left on the floor for more than a few moments without someone noticing? if it had been a 20 dollar bill, you'd be happy no one picked it up, rather than complaining. it's just different to you because of what it was. just because it was gross, that doesn't make target any more liable than if it was something good.

Because you stepped on Poop? Wow do you live in CT?

Did you see her or an employee drop it on the floor? The only way someone is liable is if they are the guilty party or in this case, one of their employees did this. And why should you be compensated for it? The customer isn't always right even though some seem to think they are.

I would love for you to own a store and have something like this happen and see how you felt about a lawsuit coming your way. Something tells me you wouldn't like it and you would have a right not to.

You can file a complaint on her attitude to the home office but there is NO lawsuit in this, good grief. What ever happened to common sense?

Dan H
What are you going to sue for? Having some s*** on your shoe? How did this really hurt you? Are you so fragile that a little poop in your life is going to affect everything you do for the rest of your life? Give the courts a break.

Your response should be to call, and write to the corporate customer service and tell them what happened, what store it happened in, the date and the time and the people involved and their response to the incident. It is inexcusable the response you got from a customer service standpoint and as a boss, I would want to know who is responding like that in one of my stores. It is not something you sue over.

you definitley need to call the corporate office.... i don't know about suing, but you should get to the top of the corporate ladder in this one, because they handled it terribly...that manager should be fired

Griffin R
I think you should call the corporate office first, from that you should decide to talk to a lawyer from what they say.

Call their corporate office, call the local newspapers, radio stations, news stations... draw attention to it because that is GROSS!!!

That's entirely up to you. If you were offended that much then by all means pursue it if you must.

Good luck!

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