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Should the U.S. government create a DNA fingerprint database of all citizens at birth?
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Should the U.S. government create a DNA fingerprint database of all citizens at birth?

I need your opion on this question so i can use it in a dabate at school so whther your pro or con please state your opion?


Well...you wanted an answer
I HATE HATE HATE to think what else that would lead to as far as human rights. It is a yet another way to be discriminated against, medical testing weirdness, selective breeding, genocide. At the same time it would instantly solve so many crimes. I wonder if people knew their DNA was on file there would be less rape or murder? Or would those people do the same crimes but get rid of the evidence better and make sure the person was dead instead of "just" raping them. I think it is one of the arguments of "does the benefit outweigh the risk?" I'm sure the USA has thought of doing this a million times but even the Government can't come up with a good enough reason to do it yet.

Doing so they become a complete Police State, like USSR and Nazy Germany. :(

Absolutely not.

No. that gives the government one way to spy and invade your privacy. any time a crime is committed, and you are innocently there, you will instantly become a suspect and you will face harrassment from the police.

Chief High Commander, UAN
Uh, hell no! Keep your government off my body! My DNA is exactly that, MINE. The government doesn't get to play with it for any reason.

NO WAY IN HAY! The government keeps enough tabs on us. This is supposed to be a DEMOCRACY. I don't need them having anymore personal information on me much less my DNA!

NO. It's a move towards a totalitarian police state. It's bad enough that they are already mooting the day, maybe 10 years from now, when every US citizen has a microchip implanted in their arms, carrying a ton of info on you, so you can be watched every minute of the day.

Only fascists would approve of such a step.

Veteran Voter
Someone once wrote, "A man who would give up liberty for security deserves neither." It would be nice to be able to track DNA so that we could catch rapists and murderers everytime, but then what happens when they decide to start using that to tell us who can and can not have babies, or certain jobs based on our DNA. It's just not worth it.

absolutely not...the gov's track record at maintaining privacy is abysmal,and you do not want that info to become public info...too much can be inferred,such as health problems,and more info will be de-coded...insurers will deny coverage...once you lose the right to this privacy,it will be nearly impossible to recover,don't give up this right or any other...

No, the benefits of this database are far outweighed by the risks. Freedom first. "Give me liberty or keep me safe" is a dangerous perversion of what out country is about. Our nations problems are not caused by an inability to find guilty criminals. By and large our problems are from too much government where it has no jurisdiction.

This would be a difficult and expensive undertaking. There is perhaps some use for such a database, but it is currently not particularly cost effective.

Absolutely, this will save time in traveling,crime searches

I think that at birth all babies should have their dna on file

If you have nothing to hide then there should be no objection

Right Wing Extremist
yeah why not?

those who oppose this have something to hide or are protecting themselves in case in the future theyll have something to hide.

im a complete law abiding citizen and will be for the rest of my life. take anything u want from me. my DNA, fingerprints, anything. why would i care?

oh wait, if i commit a crime theyll have all my information. NVM!

(see my point? if u abide by the law, what do u have to worry about?)

this will just help solve more crimes and hopefully deter criminals because the police and government will have their information since their birth.

I dont see a reason on how that would be a problem. The only reason I see would be if you have committed a crime or you have something to hide. DNA can help solve criminal investigations, and some cases go years without being solved because they have no DNA matches, and those families of the people have to suffer and cant grieve because the person that killed their son or daughter or whoever it may be is still out on the streets.

Then the whole privacy issue, its not really all that bad. Yes the US is a democracy, but how does that have anything to do with you personal information and or DNA? We elect people into the government to serve us, and represent us, to make our country better. Yes, the government can monitor some of personal activities, but they aren't going to unless they have a reason.

I really don't see a problem with it, because if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about. No one is going to clone your DNA without your permission and only very select people would have access to the information.

unrepentant poster

black leopard
absolutely, no doubt about it.

Yes, according to English results, there is a 96% success rate of capturing criminals using DNA databases.

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