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Should we lower the driving/permit age to 14 in the US?
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Should we lower the driving/permit age to 14 in the US?

Ive seen a bunch of websites against it. Half of the people are against lowering it because they assume that half of the teen drivers are a bunch of idiots getting drunk while they are driving or assumeingthat they are immature. The fact is that their are some teenagers who aren't addicted to drinking and are actually mature. If a kid can drive a go kart why not an actual car?



May J

If you could drive a car you would know the difference! Not no but HELL NO!


no...raise it to 16 and license at 18

If it was up to me, I would raise it to 18. The problem is that the juveniles do run around and get drunk and screw around, but they actually think they are mature.

No. Raise it to 18 since most teens do not have the $ to pay for insurance and it would make them more responsible to not use their parents cars

Teen drivers have a much, much, much higher accident rate than the national average.

Allowing 14 and 15 year olds to drive will serve no purpose. It won't help the economy since they're not in the workforce, and it'll result in more dead kids.

I'm opposed to dead kids, and I approved this message.

White and Nerdy
No. I got mine when I was sixteen and that was too young. I think the understanding of consequences in general is not developed enough at 14. There are exceptions, of course, but there are also special permits to accommodate those exceptions.

Wow I really don't think thats a good idea. I wouldn't trust a child, mature or not with a machine capable of killing themselves or others.

no way we should raise it to 18, it would cut down on Greenhouse gasses, there is no reason a High School kid should be driving to school

Absolutely...NO !

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
Hardly, if anything it should be raised to about 20 years old.


no, would you actually trust a 14 year old, think they are in middle school, they don't deserve to even get their permit, it is unfair if a middle schooler gets to take a permit when i am 16 now, so no we shouldn't let these kids start getting liscences and stuff like that

Lionheart ®
No. It should be 18 everywhere.

It should be 18 in my opinion

i dont belive that a 14 yr old is mature enough to handle the responsibilty of driving. not because they are getting drunk or doing dumb stuff but i know at 14 i wouldn't have been able to deal with all the stuff requird to drive

hell no what the ****?we should actually raise it to 30 or so after people are surely over their adolescnt and party phases.How bad could it possibly be that a 14 year old needs to drive.I mean really

I would prefer to raise it to 28

no, kids are dumb. very dumb. 16 is a pretty good age for getting a license.

Michigan Fan
I actually think they should raise the age to 18. I think at 16, you're still in high school, still trying to impress everybody. I think you obviously will have more passengers at that age. Raise it to 18 and only some seniors would have cars. Of course if I were 15, I would be pissed if they moved it up. But looking back, I wasn't really ready to handle the responiblity of a motor vehicle at 16. Some are, but the majority aren't, in my opinion.

Spock (rhp)

learn to drink before you learn to drive -- it's safer that way.

Rachel R
go karts are on a track, not on the street. 14 is a little to young, if you can't have a job because you must be 16 at most jobs then why should you drive

Ms. Genovese
Hell no. They think there cool and then they try to show of and crash. Not saying older people dont. But they dont work for it (cus there to young to work) so they dont know the responsible part.

The fact you don't know the difference between driving a go kart and a car says a lot.

14 is too young to be entrusted with the lives of people in a vehicle or traffic around them

You moron. Have you ever heard of someone being killed by a go cart that is going maybe 15 miles an hour top speed ?
Hell while you're at it lower it to 12. If you're old enough to see over the steering wheel you're old enough to drive.
Or how about making it even younger. If you can ride a bike you should be able to drive a car. After all it has twice as many wheel, right ?

What're you nuts ? Most 14 year olds can't even tie their shoes
or have enough sense to wear a jacket in the cold. And you wanna put them out on the street with a 2,ooo Lb. missile, so they can fly down the road and kill people while they fidget with their iPods and pop zits in the rearview mirror !?!?
You are crazy !

no it should be higher then it is....and you should only be able to drive up to a certain age!

Derek M
No. I know not all teenagers aren't out here drinking and I know not all teenagers our immature. Truth is, driving is a big responsibility when you think about it. You are putting your life and other people's lives in danger by simply passing someone on a two lane road. I think the driving age should be raised to 18 at least by then most teenagers have matured somewhat compared to 16. Why does a 14 year old need to drive anyway. Not like they have a job or anything. They don't need to go anywhere without their parents at that age anyway.

bob 18
it should be the age 14

thts bad idea 14 is gudd:D


Well, I believe that we should lower the permit to 14, and the license at 15. Teens are allowed to get work permits at the age of 14, but most don't for lack of transportation. With the required plus training, we can do it. It would also show your teen that you trust them enough to drive a vehicle. Not all teens are sex-crazed drunken idiots. I am a 14 year old female who has never done that, and I would like to start working, but my mom is too busy to take me anywhere. Lowering it would help teens in many ways. It would also help teens at a younger age to become more independent money-wise.

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