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What 2 do about constant vandalism to my car??
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What 2 do about constant vandalism to my car??

My Car was keyed severly in last summer and I've had 3 slashed tires in the last 6 mos. and just last month someone tried to remove my drivers side door handle...I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! It is the ex girlfriend of my BF ( We've only been 2gether a year) so it seems like it will never stop. I hate 2 bring law enforcement into it because I don't want to come across as a Chic with Drama but this girl LIVES in the same apartment complex as my BF and I thought if I ignored it it would stop but it's getting exceedingly worse and more $$$.
The vandalism is always done when I'm at his apt and it must be in the middle of the night cuz I usually go to his apt late and leave very early for work. She has kids and stuff and I honestly feel sorry for her (don't know why?) She doesn't have a car, a job, a cell and she lives with her mom si I can eisily see why she hates me but PLEASE offer any mature advice... i don't believe in violence or retaliation. Thanks


Jordan W
Set up a cam for your car. Take her to court and sue her for the damages both pre and post the cam using the tapes as evidence in small claims court. Believe me money talks and once she has to pay out at court you won't need to call the police.

set up a covert cam.

Put a camera up around it to see if it's the same people.

go the property management, tell them the problem apartments have a requirement to provide a safe place to live, and for the residents visitors. explain to them your problem, and ask them to get proper security, alot of properties have police officers as courtesy officers, and they,sometimes as part of reduced rent have to respond to reports and problems. you should also tell them that you may have to call an attorney to make them pay for damages to your car. this would best be dopne by the leasee so that it comes from a tenant that has rights to complain, so that something will be done by it. they may tell you personally that you shouldn;t visit there if your property is damaged while there.

David S
Without proof, the police won't be able to help. You'll need to get the vandal(s) on video somehow.

Set up a camera

i actually would call the cops. not to scare you but i had a friend who's girlfriends ex husband kept vandalizing his car, keyed paint, slashed tires, busted window. my friend was shot dead in his home last fall and since he went to the police they have records of the violent nature of the ex and have been able to point him a suspect. not that this would happen to you but if this girl is this careless and crazy then police need records of her behavior for in case it gets worse. plus, if the police question her about it she will stop. you only need video for court to prove the act. if you tell the police about it and who you think did it then they have a civic duty to question her.

*♥* Igotorbs*♥*
You really should involve law enforcement. There is no excuse for someone to damage your car. OK so you feel sorry for her BUT does she feel sorry for all the things she has done to you? She sounds like a real winner. No car? NO job? lives with mommy? and has kids? wow, very impressive. Other options here are moving, talking to the landlord so SHE will be forced to move, Getting an alarm system put in your car. But what it comes down to is you continue to allow this to happen OR you make it stop. Which do you prefer? IT is time to take a stand. GOOD LUCK!

ALIYA was born 1/27/09! 8lbs 4oz
I think you should have called the police the first time it happened and then everyother time so It would be on file with them.

A hidden camera would be great. Get her on camera and call the cops.

-restraining order
-press charges
-ask your b/f to move to a different building
-fake break up w/ your b/f in front of the ex. and keep it a secret
-real break up w/ b/f
-try to convront the ex. (I would probaly bring pepper-spray/ a tazer w/ me cause this girl sounds kinda crazy
-don't go over to your b/f's house any more
-don't park your car close to b/f's house anymore
-take the subway

Fire Fighter
Police reports and hidden video cameras are the only way you are going to catch her in the act.
And she really does need to be stopped!

film it and keep a log of it, and when it finally DOES get to much then get the police involved.

that's ridiculous
you need to call the cops, that's not just a "girl w/ drama"
you've put up w/ quite enough

Louie A
if it is the same person wait by you car with a paint ball gun and shoot them when the come to you car if you get um down then take a picture

Jake A
If and or when you catch her have a long chat with her as to y she continues to vandalize your car and maybe have your bf help work it out?

Brian K
ask her to stop.. set up a camera and try and catch the perp.. if its her make her pay to fix it or you have to turn her in.. you cant let her walk all over you and expect her to stop.. lots of luck dealing with someone that irrational and immature..

Justin A
Sit outside in the bushes or something and wait for somebody with a gun. If you catch anybody messing with your care, kill them.

you need to video record this action and then mail her a copy telling her this is he final warning or you will turn her in. that should be enough to make her quit. you could also take a cab to his apt, or have him pick you up. or...here is an idea. MOVE!

♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
If you park it in front of your apt. complex all the time and this happens to it, ask if you can set up a camera in your area?

If this continues to happen you need to file a police report and provide them with the information that you mentioned above. I understand your desire not to involve police, but this vandalism needs to end. Failing to put an end to this matter now when it involves material property could lead to her putting your life in danger.

This is the reason why we employee police, to handle these matters.

Good luck!

Sean B
This happened to my brother and his wife a few years back. We called the police and they couldnt do anything without a witness seeing whos doing the vandalism. If you know who is doing it you have 2 options 1) press charges or 2) try to talk things out with her.

Either find a way to film whoever is doing it, pay someone to watch and take pictures or park somewhere else!

I can haz cheezburger
put up little security cameras.... monitor them, then take it to the popos when you caught someone.... and if she admits to doing it in the past, sue her a$$ and make her pay for everything youve spent, or need to spend...

Put up a camera and catch her in the act, then get the police involved. You may even be able to get your insurance company to set up a "sting" to catch her. They would LOVE to go after her for all the damage, I'm certain. http://www.partsguysusa.com/m5_view_item.html?m5:item=Lorex-SHS-2SAB

nora r
Don't park your car where she can see it

Have a "girls night out" get-together and pay her way and verbally let your hair down with her.

Its been couple of weeks now someone had thrown eggs in to my car. We filed a police report every incident. We bought a covert cam to catch this stupid guy, just arrived yesteray and not yet installed. Just last night the tail light of my car was broken intentionally, and we believe its the same guy who did this. We're working of installing the camera right now and hoping to catch this guy and throw his ass to jail!!!

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