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What can I do about CPS wrongfully accusing me of striking my child?
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What can I do about CPS wrongfully accusing me of striking my child?

Crrently involved in CPS case, which all began because my ex & his mother have been coaching my sons to call CPS whenever I do/do not do something out of revenge, all because my ex has to pay child support. He cannot prove I'm a bad parent. He would rather have my sons live with him - have me pay child support. One of my sons recently became angry w/ me because I took his cell phone- away as punishment. A week later, he & his brother got into a fight. My son ended up w/ a bruise under his eye. He went to see the school nurse. The nurse asked how he got the bruise, he told her I did it. She reported it to CPS. CPS has been on my back since then, (approx 6 months now). There's no evidence/proof that I struck my child. They never closed the case. 6 different workers were assigned, includ'g a supervisor. There's no sign of abuse. I'm not a violent person, nor do I drink/drugs-never been arrested. I filed a complaint & now they are retaliating. What can I do to get them off my back!!!


Contact a lawyer immediately.

lawyer lawyer lawyer

They obviously found nothing because you still have your kids. I don't know how old your kids are, but you really need to talk to them and maybe get some family counseling. This could get really, really ugly in a very short time if your children
claim that you hit them.

Deny it and then punish your child for lying. How could he do that to you. Did your other kid tell what really happened? How about you let the liar go live with his dad and see how good life can be without you? (sarcasm)

Spider Pig
Sadly to say. This has nothign to do with CPS although they are not annoying you I assume.

Its a sad case that your EX taught your child bad tricks in revenge on you. I feel sorry for your kid that he's being taught how to manipulate and be deceitful.

wish I were
In all this time your Son has not admitted that you did not do it? I'd be sitting those boys down and having a long talk about all this! I'd have a CPS person there when you do and explain to them that they can't call CPS just because they get mad at you for punishing them! I'd make sure they know from your boys the kind of stuff your ex has been telling them! If that doesn't work and your boys are that bratty, then I'd let them live with their Dad and pay the damn support, so you can have peace!

Chris B
For good or for bad we live in times which allow false accusations against a parent who has done nothing wrong! The flip side of the coin, fortunately for children, is that they or anyone else can report a person to CPS and they can stop actual abuse in its tracks! There is no parent on the face of the earth that will willingly admit that they struck their child for fear of what CPS will do! You and they are in a double bind of sorts. They must protect our children and you must continue to proclaim your innocence through this saga. I think it best to consult with an attorney who has a background in this field in order to ascertain if you can gain some modicum of relief from this unfortunate state of affairs. They are abusing the system which protects them and that is not a good thing. Your ex and his mother are doing a great deal of damage to the boys when they teach them to lie as they have. See an attorney or ask CPS what the procedures are, normally, when there is nothing to back up a child's claim. Good luck!

Nothing !

when your own son turns against you - your screwed.

Your son must be still telling all the caseworkers that you hit him. They are going to believe him. You need to get someone to talk to your son about lying.

James H
My suggestion is to begin consultations with all the child custody lawyers you can fit into your schedule. You don't even have to retain them just have a consultation. This has 2 effects. It gives you an idea of what options can be levied against you and it blocks your ex from using the same attorney that you had a consult with. After that, if you think you can prove malicious intent on the part of your ex and his mother, sue.

CPS has a habit of lying constantly. I know from personal experience. The most important thing for you to do is to make sure your child understands not to talk to CPS at all (of course, the school calls them in whenever somebody goes into school and appears to have been beat up).

I've heard stories before about CPS workers corruptly using their position to take children away from their families and stick them into foster care (of course, it benefits the government to do so because they have an excuse to raise taxes).

Your kids have to understand that CPS would only put them in a far worse situation. If CPS had its way, they'd be in foster homes and they definitely wouldn't have cell phones there. If they understand that, they'll make sure not to ever talk to CPS.

get your kids into counseling
write EVERYTHING down. every conversation , time , attitudes etc.
ask the courts for a psychological evaluation from BOTH parents and all children.
if you didn't do anything wrong then punish your son for lying. i don't mean punish i mean PUNISH him. you don't need to touch him. make him rake the yard daily; do dishes; make dinner (or he won't have anything to eat); clean up from dinner (table, vacuum, putting all the ingredients and leftover away); make sure he has no time for anything other than going to school and going to bed (make sure he doesn't drown in the bathtub tired). no fun time and no free time. be busy on dad's weekend.

it will take a LOT of effort on your part, but he's worth it.

Free Radical
a better question to ask is why would your sons dislike you so much as to be willing to lie about you to the authorities to get you in trouble?

maybe you should let them go live with their father, since they clearly do not want to be with you.

Your sons brain has been officially warped by your father and his psycho mother. I would start by talking with the kids. You can't give into them and punishing them is the right way if it involves so real abuse. But you need to tell your dumbass ex not to put those ideas in the kids head. He sounds like a real winner.

its their job don't blame them talk to your son get him to realize that its wrong to fight and to tell lies
if your ex is couching them to do theses kind of things then its child abuse a parent is supposed to nurture and love their child file your own charges against him it wont fix anything but it will even the playing field. go above their heads and file a complaint with the da's office you are dealing with the lower staff i had a similar problem when i held the da's office in contempt of court they back offed and even gave me a i am sorry letter

you cannot mess around with CPS...the best thing to do..is talk to your sons..make them tell the truth about what their dad told them..promise them a really nice gift if they coperate with you for ONE year.

Next..call CPS...cooperate with htem and ask what they recommend you do to make this situation better...monitering..taking your kids to more activities, whatever it is you best do it. you do NOT want to get on their bad side.

Its unfortunate, but they have more power than god.

I would keep a book and write down each time something happens as far as when I was disciplining the kids... I realize that as a parent you shouldn't have to do that but I was once told by a very wise lady to CYA at all times.. Which means cover your ***... Kids are brought in the middle all the time by parents when they get mad at their ex which isn't right... And with that they are told lies to make the other parent seem like they are abusive parents or just evil... They try to turn the kids against the other parent.... But keep a book and write everything down what the kids say, when they get bruises and marks etc. Make sure the date is on it maybe even take pictures... If the kids are fighting and get marks have them write down what happened, what marks they received from the fight and keep that too... The main thing I'm trying to say is CYA... It seems extreme but wouldn't you rather do that the end up in jail for something you didn't even do... Hope that helps....

Being a parent has become tougher since children can exaggerate the truth and cause a lot of trouble.

Document everything and get a lawyer, but be careful since relationships can be destroyed and innocent people end up with a horrible reputation. Sadly Child Protective Custody people can become overambitious in their attempt to protect children that they destroy families. Even CPS has the Code of Silence, which exists in every profession and occupation from bottom to the top.

I will pray for you.

Your child should tell the truth. Sounds like your kids need counselling. CPS always takes a minimum of 6 months to investigate. The school nurse is required by law to report. In my state, it is a misdemeanor for someone who cares for minors to not call in a report. They should have at least called you in for a conference to find out what was going on but she did follow the law. You don't say how old your kids are but you need a lawyer.

CPS hears *everything* I mean they know ALL the stories and BS.

They have to do their job, its been reported they are obligated to investigate. You have no history of wrongdoing and they will be familiar with this scenario. (ex using CPS for revenge, which causes me to wonder why you weren't given more consideration - they hate that crap) Cooperate be polite, comply to requests for studies, interviews, etc.

If you feel you're being harassed, then you'll have to get a lawyer's assistance, but much cheaper to just see if you can make this go away by cooperation.
In Texas it is VERY hard to remove children - they have to really have a case and not to mention its expensive.
Usually a social study is ordered before it even gets that far.

Based on what you're telling me - they're just being inept and your case is getting shuffled around.
Good luck, I really do think you're going to be ok.

Chief High Commander, UAN
Welcome to America where we legally give the underdog the upper hand.
Tell your kids that if they keep this up, they can be taken away and not necessarily to dad's. Foster care can and usually does happen. After all, there is a reason why they ended up with you in the first place.
Second, call the school and demand to know why you weren't called as well. Where did this fight take place? At school? If it did, saddle up your attorneys because the child obviously lied and the nurse fell into it.
If it didn't, you may need to contact an attorney anyway and let them know what your ex has been doing. Custodial interference is what we call it and the boys aren't off the hook either. Filing a false report is a crime too.
Good luck.

no clue

I CAN say though, that if you are somebody who has told the truth in life, then when you say you didn't do it, or what exactly you did, then they are more likely to beleive you.

lana s
How old are these kids, can you talk to them. They are to tell the truth and that needs to be emphasized. Do they know what that could do to your family and where they would rather live? They really may need to speak with the school counselor. They should tell the truth. Start taking them to church for them and yourself, Sunday school a must.

Get a lawyer and take them to court.

You don't deserve to be mistreated and accused of something you didn't do.

If you are not beating your child up you have nothing to be afraid of. I really hope you're not because children deserve to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. If you chose an idiot partner ( I don't blame you most men are idiots) you're going to have to deal with that.

The truth always becomes self-evident in the end. If it was an accident, it most likely wont be repeated and therefore there will not be any more reason for youth protection to be watching you...

but again, if you are not doing anything wrong, them watching you shouldn't be such a bad thing. They may even end up commending you if you are a good mother.

Don't get involved with the system... sometimes asking for help makes things worse.

IF THEY KNOW YOU'RE SCARED THEY'LL TAKE ADVANTAGE! You have every right to take the cell phone away if the kid is misbehaving. Using violence is always wrong tho.

Brigid McSomeone
I feel for you, for my son also accused me in a case with CPS.

You really have to have an attorney if you want to get anywhere with getting rid of this accusation. Hopefully you can at least get a court appointed one. Perhaps you can call Legal Aid--usually listed in your phone book.

Make sure, with your attorney, that they don't dump your name in the Central Registry for Abuse and Neglect, for that can seriously affect your employment possibilities.

Yes. You MUST get a lawyer.

deny everything..... thats always the best way.... then say back off... :)

Mr. Mean
show them a video of someone else punching your son. Stage the whole thing, it will be fun for the whole family.

nitty b
Just stop slapping them around.


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