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What can happen to someone hiding a wanted felon?
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What can happen to someone hiding a wanted felon?

what type of consequenses could somone suffer for hiding a felon with a warrant out for their arrest?


Stephen K
Aiding and abetting, you can do jail time

You'd be charged with harboring a felon, and if the evidence shows, perhaps with being an accomplice to the crime.

Hope this helps! =]

milton b
It is a crime to harbor a know criminal. In order to prosecute you they are going to have to prove that you knew the person was a fugitive when you gave them shelter.

It's called harboring a fugitive. The penalty depends on your state's laws. What STATE are you in?

There are also provisions for charges of harboring a fugitive at the FEDERAL level.

Harboring a known felon.
You can be charged jailed time for that, unless you turn in the felon.

I don't know if they'll let you off if you didn't know that he/she is a felon.

But since you asked this, I'm assuming that you known that he/she is a known felon.

One Sexy Jeep Girl
Harboring a felon is a serious offense. Have fun in jail and never ever drop the soap

You could be charged for hiding a felon, like an accesory

shane w
you would get charged with harboring a felon, jail time.

that is a felony...the class in which you get 1-5 years...but with america's justice system you would probably get away with a lil community service and 2 years probation.

You can get charged with harboring a known felon, which I believe is a felony in and of itself.

Think the charge would be Obstruction of justice or hindering prosecution or both- you would be arrested

343 Remember
It depends, that's the short answer. The longer answer is that you can receive the same or similar sentence. Aiding & abetting is illegal and there is no benefit to you to hide someone. If they are a friend, realize that a true friend would NOT put you in that situation.

I wish you well, but depending on the warrant and the crime, the police can serve a warrant with force. You do not want to be in the line of fire, do you?

Best of luck!

It's called aiding and abetting, and obstruction of justice and both are felonies resulting in jail time.


harboring a felon

i think fines and imprisonment, but im not sure...... u shouldnt be hiding anyone would be my advice =)

biking for life
You can go to jail for that and have a criminal record yourself

They woud charge you as an accomplice and arrest you, unless of course you turn in the felon

In that case you will get praise

Patty M
You go to jail too. Won't that be fun, You and your friend will be together in the back of a cop car.

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