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What exactly is involved with a background check when buying a gun?
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What exactly is involved with a background check when buying a gun?

Due to the Brady law, I know a background must be done on anyone trying to purchase a gun. What exactly will stop a person from being able to buy a gun, exactly? I'm not looking to murder the president for the love of Jodi Foster or anything like that, I'm simply trying to protect my family and home. So, out of curiousity, if a person was in a psych ward as a teenager nine years ago (as a minor), could a gun still be purchased today? I don't have any criminal charges against me.


I don't think many, if any, states have passed any mental health background checks, only criminal activity, and only felonies (or open felonies) count.

David S
Just go down to a gun shop and buy what you want. If there is any problem with the background check, they will let you know what it is.

Or (in most states) you could just buy a used gun from a private seller with no background check.

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