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What happens if a person doesn't show up to court?
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What happens if a person doesn't show up to court?

What happens if a person doesn't show up to a civil case in district court? Does the judge rule in favor of the person who DID show?
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Nick: Will I lose or will the person who doesn't show lose?


No warrant will be issued.

The court will enter what's called a "summary judgment" which means that the defendant was not present to refute the claim, and the case is decided in favor of the plaintiff.

The judge will usually rule in favor of the person who showed up and cite the one who didn't show up for contempt.

they lose automatically******

Nick Friggin'
You'll lose, and in MOST cases no warrant is issued. There isn't a reason in civil court to pursue the defendant unless it's over certain things. Child support, posessed property...if they HAVE to come after you for whatever is in dispute, they might issue a warrant. But it' usually a last resort.

yes most likely, and also a warrant will prob be issued for the person who didnt show

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