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What happens if you get caught driving on suspended license?
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What happens if you get caught driving on suspended license?

I live in California and I had my driver license suspended for 30 days, I really need to drive to work and other places though, do you know what citations will be if you get caught, do they tow the car and for how long if they do,and what kind of tickets you can get, are they gonna suspend it for even longer?Let me know only if you know. Any info appreciated.


(trying to figure out why you were suspended for 30 days...)

If you are stopped driving while your license is suspended, a number of things can happen:

Your car can be towed (perhaps even impounded).
You can get a ticket worth a few bucks to several hundred.
You can be physically arrested and booked into jail.

Can't give you any better idea what you might be facing without knowing why you're suspended. There are a bunch of different reasons for someone's license to be suspended and each of them carries a different surprise for you when you're caught doing what you shouldn't be doing.

I'm guessing a judge suspended you while you were in court? I can't think of any way DMV would have suspended you just for 30 days. Maybe you got arrested for DUI? If so, you better read your paperwork a little closer...you're valid for 30 days, then you're suspended for at least four months.

Post more information and you can get a better answer.

most places will give you a permit to drive to work

I have never been in this situation but a good friend of mine is presently dealing with this. She did drive on a suspended license and they towed her car, it stayed in tow until her husband paid to get it out and showed proof of insurance and registration which luckily, they had.
I understand your Catch 22 situation, she is in the same boat, she HAS to drive to get to work, take her daughter to school, etc. (She originally got her license suspended for non-payment of a 10 mph over the speed limit ticket) now not only can she not drive, she is a target for the policemen who know she does not have a license so she cannot go anywhere. After re-offending, they suspended her license for 5 years instead of one for geting caught driving on a suspension.
I feel for you, I really do, please try not to drive becuse the consequences are going to be even worse. You can make the 30 days, but years is another thing, it is a vicious circle.

you will get a huge fine, get put in jail, and have your car impounded. trust me its not worth it. you will spend more money on citation, bail, and getting your car out of the impound than you want. Best bet is to take the bus or taxi or find someone to haul you to work. Try carpooling with someone or offer gas money to friends or family to take you.

You get to go to the Sheriff's Motel, courtesy of the county.

A Designer
If you have access to a computer, go to the DMV website and look it up. Or, go to the web-site of your local police. They might have it there.

I'm pretty sure you get put in jail, but I don't know how long. I don't know the WHY regarding your license suspension... but I can't resist the need to say this: if you had so many important places to go, and need your car THAT bad, you should have been on top of your game in the first place and thought of that before you did whatever it was you did that caused your license to be suspended. Don't compound it now with another stupid decision that could land you in jail or having to pay a grip of money in fines for violating the law.

As for your car being towed, I think that's a municipality thing... so, LA may be different than SF... you should look into that yourself.

Whatever the case, good luck.... and buy a bus pass.

Try and get a limited work only license. If they catch you driving without they can arrest you, can impound or even seize the vechicle. Probably will extend the time without a license, a fine and jail time.

All the way around, not worth it. Find another way.

Look me over, I'm the Capm
you'll get your license revoked. it happened to a buddy of mine. i had to drive him to work for a month. pain in the ***, i tells you!

Try and be more careful, responsible and you wouldn't have to ask this. Don't be a moron, you have to live up to some responsibility. Sorry about the moron, but think about it, really think about what you just asked? You had to have your driver's license suspended for some good reason. And you had to pay the price for the unresponsibilities. Would you rather be in a situation where you could kill someone and live with this on your conscience or worse yet land in prison for a long period of time. Think think think! Don't do what you did ever again, because you were at the wheel, not anybody else. Quit thinking only of yourself, think of the what if's. Buy a bicycle like thousands of other people do, when they can't afford a car, or get into bad situations like you have now. It is no one else's fault but yours. Get your car out of tow as soon as possible. It's gonna cost you mucho if you don't.

fines or jail or both

Oh you will get suspended. I hope you weren't driving under revocation for DUI!

You can get your car back but you have to pay for the towing and storage! Bring a driver with you!!

Most places won't give you a work license if you were caught driving without one. The time to do that was when you were suspended!

9 months in jail, in the UK. quite right too, no licence = no insurance

Suspend for longer, higher insurance rates, car impounded, and (if they feel like it) the officer can arrest you. they can hold your car until you bring a properly licensed person to drive it.

Im not too sure, U could have a look at the transport companies website or something, or speak to the local police.

it is different in every country

you should have told the judge you need to get to work usually they give you a conditional which lets you go to and from work only

Oriental Legend
U die.People cry.U lose everything.

Why don't you just live with your crime and take your punishment like an adult? You did the crime now do the time.
Didn't you know you had to "drive to work and go other places" before you broke the law?

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