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What happens if you get caught with weed?
Find answers to your legal question.

What happens if you get caught with weed?

Say, you get caught with a pound of marijuana - what do you get?


Depends on where you live. In some places, like Oregon, if you get caught with an ounce or less you just get a ticket.

A pound, however, is quite a lot of weed and it would be assumed that your intent was to sell it which is a whole different thing. Intent to sell a controlled substance is going to get you jail time.

You boys everbeen to Mexico?

I'd get the beating of a life time from my parents. =)

A nice long vacation with dumb people just like you.

Christy D

an attorney asap.

obviously it gets taken off you

you will most likely just get a caution as opposed to public services or a sentance


thats jail time babe.


Another Guy
A whole lot of jail time.

You'll be cut down to size.

Adams mommy

you will be arrested, and you will go to jail.

Possession of a controlled substance along with intent to distribute. Jail or probation depends on where you were and what you were doing when you got caught.

Possesion of that amount of marijuana constitutes possesion with intent to sell under federal law, that's a mandatory 15-25 year prison sentence.

Jimmy Jones
throw it out now.... dont carry a whole pound on u

If you are caught with that much, you will be charged with possession with intent to sell. The penalties will depend upon what state you are in. If you are charged by the feds the penalty will be much greater. Like 25 years. Lots of states have minimum required sentences for intent to distribute.

For a pound? You will get arrested for attempt to sell and you will be branded as a dealer with that much, which means you will go directly to jail.
If it was a small bag, you will just get a ticket for possession and taken to the station, a misdemeanor.

Johnny Apollo
You will be sent to time out - for a long time.

i don't know. just stop taking drugs and you'll be fine.

The Mozzer
They all love you and Dubya himself will take a toke with you. "You waste my coin Sam, jailing my fellow man. For smoking all the noble weed"

Too many variables are missing. What country/state is this in? How you got caught (selling, using, transporting or growing). How old you are. Previous criminal record. All play a role in what the answer can be.

It all depends who catches you, you may have to share.

SS4 Elby
Most likely jail which is dumb there are real criminals out there that need to be behind bars.

depends on what the judge decides, usually a few years behind bars

It really depends on where you live and who the district attourney is.

Don't get caught I think is the key. And stay away from the hard stuff!!! Get busted with a pound of that and you'll be doing 25 to life!!!

Depends on where you are, and what the state laws are in the state that you're arrested in. Some states have decriminalized it, and if you are caught with less then an ounce, you're good (meaning no arrest). On the Federal level, ANY amount is very illegal, and if you're carrying POUNDS, you could be getting yourself in some trouble. Just google it for the specifics!

Depends where you live

sarah b
jail time and like 500 bail out and court and u become a failin or wors or what ever happends......lol

Not Guilty!
You will be charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute. Depending on where you live and past record jail time can vary from probation to 20 years.

I was stopped by c3i with a pound of pot in my jacket in a car they had no reason to stop me and didn't i stoped the car and started to get out then they searched me found the pot toook my money gave me no ticket and didnt not take me to jail why?????

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