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What happens if you sue someone and they don't pay?
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What happens if you sue someone and they don't pay?


"Just because the court has awarded you the judgment, it doesn't mean that the person will pay. You may have to go back to court to get a lien on the person's property or to order a wage garnishment."

Depends where you are. Collection alternatives vary by State.

They include garnishing wages, attaching bank accounts, seizing personal property, putting liens on real estate etc - some methods are legal in some States, some in others.


You don't collect. Moral: Don't sue an empty pocket.

It depends what the Judge said in his/her judgment if at all you sued that person. You can use court blockers to help you get your benefits or what ever you need to retrieve from that person.

I would assume they send that person to jail for unpaid fines and court related payments.

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