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What happens when someone dies and the family has NO MONEY for ANYTHING?
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What happens when someone dies and the family has NO MONEY for ANYTHING?

say someone passes, and literally not a penny available for anything. what then? where does the body go? (not even money for cremation, not one penny) does the state take the body? bury it? throw it away? what happens to the body?


Typically, the state will bury the body in a pauper's grave.

The state will dispose of the body. If buried, it is a place referred to as "Potter's Field", not "Pottery Field".

The state will bury them. If you just lost someone and don't know how to pay for burial, talk to the chaplain at the hospital or call your local city government.

What a lot of people don't know. Is that hospitals, universities, and research institutions are actually very willing to take your loved ones' remains for free.

You don't have to pay for anything. After a few months to a year they will even return you your loved ones' ashes to you if you desire. They cremate the remains for free automatically.

Save about $1,000 on cremation fees and $5,000 plus or more on burial cost.

Fred Garvin
Donate the body to a university. there are places that will take it. .

In Phoenix they are buried in what some people would call "pottery field" by county jail inmates.
Most places have some kind of help for these situations.

You'd take out a loan, or use credit to find some money to borrow to get affairs settled.

rightwing radical 1
medical research for the lot of ya.

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